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Convert Google Sheets to PDF: A Step-by-Step Guide

Jason Gong
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April 15, 2024

Converting Google Sheets to PDF can be done directly within Google Sheets, by emailing, printing, embedding on a website, or using online converters. Choose the method that best suits your needs for easy sharing and presentation.

Streamline your workflow by automating Google Sheets and PDF tasks.

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How to Convert Google Sheets to PDF

Converting Google Sheets to PDF is a straightforward process that can be accomplished through various methods within Google Sheets itself or using external tools. This guide will walk you through the steps to convert your Google Sheets documents to PDF format, ensuring that your data is easily shareable and presentable in a universally accessible file format.

Convert Google Sheets to PDF Directly

To convert Google Sheets to PDF directly, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Sheet you wish to convert.
  2. Go to the File menu, hover over Download, and select PDF Document (.pdf).
  3. In the Print settings menu, configure your export options. You can select the content to export (current sheet, specific cells, or entire workbook), adjust the paper size, orientation, scale, and margins. You can also set custom page breaks if needed.
  4. Expand the Formatting options to configure gridlines, notes visibility, page order, alignment, and headers and footers.
  5. Click Export to download your PDF. The file will be saved to your computer's default download location, or you can open it directly from your browser.

Email Google Sheets as PDF

If you need to email your Google Sheets document as a PDF, you can do so directly from Google Sheets:

  1. Open your Google Sheet and click File > Email > Email this file.
  2. In the dialog that appears, ensure PDF is selected as the file type.
  3. Enter the recipient's email address, add a subject and message, and click Send. The PDF will be emailed directly to the recipient.

Print Google Sheets as PDF

You can also use the print function to save your Google Sheets document as a PDF:

  1. Open the Google Sheets document and press Ctrl + P (Windows) or Command + P (Mac) to open the print dialog.
  2. Choose your print settings and click Next.
  3. In the print dialog, select Save as PDF as the printer option.
  4. Configure any additional settings and click Save to download the PDF to your computer.
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Embed Google Sheets as PDF on a Website

To embed your Google Sheets as a PDF on a website:

  1. Open the Google Sheet and go to File > Share > Publish to web.
  2. In the Link tab, select the content to show and choose PDF document (.pdf) as the format.
  3. Click Publish, then use the provided link or embed code to share your Google Sheets as a PDF on your website.

Using Online Converters

If you prefer using an external tool for conversion, online converters like DocHub or iLovePDF offer functionalities to convert Google Sheets to PDF. These tools may provide additional editing and customization options:

  1. Visit the website of an online converter like DocHub or iLovePDF.
  2. Upload your Google Sheets file or import it from cloud storage.
  3. Use the tool's features to edit and adjust your document as needed.
  4. Convert and download your PDF, or share it directly from the platform.

Whether you choose to convert Google Sheets to PDF directly, email it, print it, embed it on a website, or use an online converter, these methods ensure your spreadsheets are easily accessible and shareable in PDF format.

Discover more ways to automate your workflow. Check out our Google Sheets automations guide and Google Sheets addons for enhanced productivity.

Automate Your Google Sheets to PDF Tasks with Bardeen

While converting Google Sheets to PDF is a manual task you might encounter regularly, automating related tasks can significantly enhance your productivity and streamline your workflows. Using Bardeen, you can automate various tasks involving Google Sheets and PDFs, saving you time and effort.

Here are some examples of what you can automate with Bardeen:

  1. Save full-page PDF screenshots to Google Drive from website links in a Google Sheet: This playbook automates the process of taking full-page PDF screenshots of webpages from a list of links in a Google Sheets document and saving them to Google Drive. It's perfect for archiving web content or creating backups for offline viewing.
  2. Download full-page PDF screenshots of websites from links in a Google Sheet: Another useful playbook that downloads full-page PDF screenshots of web pages directly from a list of URLs in your Google Sheets. Ideal for researchers, marketers, or anyone needing to capture and analyze website content.
  3. Share current page as PDF in Google Drive: This playbook allows you to instantly upload the current webpage as a PDF to Google Drive and share it with your contacts. It simplifies the process of sharing web content in a more permanent and accessible format.

By automating these tasks, you can focus on more important work while Bardeen handles the repetitive tasks. Get started by downloading the Bardeen app at

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