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Undo Actions in Notion: A Quick Guide (3 Steps)

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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April 15, 2024

Undoing in Notion is simple, with methods varying by device. Use keyboard shortcuts, the action menu, or device-specific features to revert changes.

  • Use Command + Z on Mac or the action menu's 'Undo Changes' option for general undo tasks.
  • On iPad, shake the device to trigger the 'Undo' option, ensuring 'shake to undo' is enabled in settings.
  • Contact Notion support for assistance with recovering crucial deleted content.

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How to Undo in Notion

Undoing actions in Notion is straightforward and can be accomplished through various methods depending on the device you are using. Whether you've accidentally deleted content, moved a note, or made changes you wish to revert, Notion provides multiple ways to undo these actions.

How to Undo Delete in Notion

If you've accidentally deleted content in Notion, you can quickly restore it using the Undo feature. For content deletion and other changes to be undoable, ensure your document is saved at least once, allowing Notion to track your changes. To undo, you can use your computer's native clipboard or Notion's action menu located at the top of every page. Click on the action menu and select 'Undo Changes' from the dropdown. If you need to go back further, select 'Clear History' to revert all actions performed on the page since its creation. However, once something is saved as part of your history, it cannot be recovered through the Undo feature. If you've deleted something crucial, contact Notion support immediately for assistance.

How to Undo in Notion Mac

Mac users can easily undo actions in Notion using the Command + Z keyboard shortcut. This is a quick and effective way to revert changes. If you prefer using the Notion interface, you can also click on the "..." icon at the top-right corner of the Notion page and then click on 'Undo' to roll back changes. Remember, the undo functionality is dependent on your system log and may not work in certain situations.

How to Undo in Notion on iPad

Undoing actions on an iPad or other iOS devices can be done by shaking your device back and forth, which triggers the 'Undo' option. Ensure that the 'shake to undo' function is enabled in your device settings for this to work. This method allows you to easily revert unwanted changes made while using Notion on your iPad.

For more detailed guidance on undoing actions in Notion across different devices and platforms, including Android and Windows, refer to the specific instructions provided for each operating system. These methods ensure that you can efficiently manage and revert changes in your Notion workspace, maintaining the integrity of your documents and projects.

Automate Your Notion Workflows with Bardeen

Undoing actions in Notion might sometimes require a few extra steps, especially if you're managing complex projects or extensive databases. While Notion provides native undo features, automating certain aspects of your work in Notion can streamline your workflow and enhance productivity. Bardeen offers a suite of playbooks specifically designed for Notion users, allowing for seamless automation of repetitive tasks or data management.

  1. Save selected text to Notion, when I right-click: This playbook effortlessly captures useful information or ideas directly into a Notion database with just a right-click, making it incredibly efficient for research and note-taking.
  2. Copy all Pipedrive organizations to Notion: Streamline your CRM and project management by automatically transferring all your Pipedrive organizations into a Notion database for easy access and organization.
  3. Create Notion to-do tasks from selected text with OpenAI: Enhance your task management by using OpenAI to recognize action items in selected text and automatically add them as to-do tasks in Notion, ensuring no critical action items are missed.

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