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Find email addresses of a Github user
Find email addresses of a Github user
Find email addresses of a Github user
Find email addresses of a Github user

Find email addresses of a Github user

This playbook will find email addresses of a Github user.

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GitHub is a social coding platform where developers and companies come together to collaborate on projects. There are many amazing people on the platform, and you might want to contact someone.

But not all GitHub users have an email address in their profile. In that case, you need to navigate their profile, dig into a recent GitHub project they’ve contributed, and track down links to commit messages. Yikes!

This automation will help you skip all that. 

Enter any GitHub user name when you run this automation, and it will give you all the email addresses associated with that user. The automation works even if the GitHub user hasn’t shared their email address publicly.

Give it a go! Click the “Try it” button above and type in “torvalds”. 

Linus Torvalds is a famous software engineer and creator of the Linux kernel. He doesn’t have his email address on his profile, but this automation will find it instantly.

Helpful tip: To get the email addresses of GitHub users directly from their profile, use our “Find email of the current GitHub user” playbook. You won’t need to enter a username. As long as you are on their profile page, the automation will find that information for you.

You can also find social media profiles of a GitHub user with this automation.

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September 13, 2023

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