How to use Bardeen with Notion

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Bardeen unlocks the new types of automations with Notion, where you can participate in an automation.

In this guide, you will learn how to use Bardeen with Notion. 

To begin, we need to integrate Notion and connect your databases.

If you want to use pre-built automations, you will need to configure them before you run them.

1. Integrating Notion

Let’s start with integrating Notion. It’s done from the Builder.

You can open it when customizing a pre-built Playbook or when creating one from scratch. 

Find the plus icon on the side panel and find Notion from the list of apps. 

You will be redirected to Notion’s authentication window. Choose which pages to give access to. It’s best to give access to the entire workspace so that all of your databases are connected automatically. 

Alternatively, you can grant or revoke access to individual Notion databases. Go to the desired database and add/remove “Bardeen” in the share settings.


Explore the full Notion integration tutorial.

2. Playbook Configuration

If you want to use one of our pre-built Playbooks, you will need to configure it before you can run it.

In this step, we need to specify the database that will be used in the automation and map the data fields.

Playbook configuration is done in the Builder. Open the builder by hovering over a Playbook card. 

Then find the Notion action and specify your Notion database.

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