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300+ years
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We achieved a ton

February 17, 2022
Official launch on Product Hunt
February 24, 2022
Hit 10k users
March 2022
Product of the month
June 2022
15.3M USD Series A funding from world-class investors
May 2022
Supporting meeting use-cases
April 2022
Notion Automation Hub launch
Shipped new Playbook Configuration feature
July 2022
YC Startup School launch
July 2022
Added AI capabilities
September 2022
Shipped MV3 compatible version to Chrome Store
October 2022
Ambassador program launch
October 2022
Dream Job Hub launch
October 2022
Doubled the team size to 20
November 2022
Launched AI Automation Challenge
December 2022
Launched AI features
December 2022
Golden Kitty SaaS runner-up
January 2023

... and had a lot of fun

What’s next?

Bardeens magic box

Magic Box

Type what you want to automate in the magic box, and watch Bardeen create an automation for you like a no-code consultant.

Bardeens automated automations

Automated Automations

You no longer need to know how to build. Bardeen will generate a custom automation for you when it detects manual tasks.

Bardeen Automation Cloud

Automation Cloud

With our Automation Cloud your automations will work even if your computer is offline.

Bardeen for teams & enterprises

Bardeen for Teams

Collaborate with your team and friends and run your automations in a secure shared space.

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