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How Bardeen Transformed Sales Efficiency by 70% for Noroton Growth

“Bardeen’s automation has been a game-changer, significantly boosting my productivity and helping us scale the organizations we work with.”
Steve Hardy
Founder & Chief Marketing Officer
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The Challenge

Steve Hardy, Founder and CMO at Noroton Growth, faced significant challenges in managing and consolidating information for his sales team. With a small team and a high volume of meetings and research tasks, Steve needed a solution to streamline processes and reduce manual work, particularly in note-taking and CRM updates.

Before Bardeen, Steve spent a considerable amount of time transcribing notes from calls and manually updating CRM data from LinkedIn and other sources. This manual process was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, impacting the overall productivity of the team.

Steve turned to Bardeen to automate the labor-intensive tasks of note-taking and meeting preparation. Bardeen’s powerful automation capabilities enabled Steve to:

  • Consolidate Notes: Use Bardeen to abstract key takeaways from multiple meeting notes, saving hours of manual transcription.
  • Automate Research: Develop workflows to scrape LinkedIn for contact and company information and update the CRM automatically.
  • Seamless Integration and Efficiency: Bardeen’s integration with Noroton Growth’s existing tools, such as Notion and LinkedIn, further streamlined their processes:
  • Centralized Data: Automatically gather and centralize data from LinkedIn and other sources into Notion CRM.
  • Enhanced Meeting Preparation: Automate the collection of relevant LinkedIn information before meetings, ensuring accurate and up-to-date data in the CRM.
  • Productivity Boost: Enable the sales team to focus on high-impact tasks by reducing manual data entry and research time.


  • Unmatched Efficiency: Noroton Growth now benefits from a fully automated note-taking and research process, saving over 15 hours per week.
  • Increased Accuracy: Bardeen ensures precise data extraction and consolidation, reducing errors and improving the reliability of CRM data.
  • Strategic Focus: Freed from mundane tasks, the sales team can now concentrate on strategic initiatives, enhancing their ability to drive growth for their clients.
  • Consistency and Reliability: Bardeen provides a consistent and reliable process for data gathering and analysis, minimizing manual intervention and boosting overall productivity.

With Bardeen's advanced automation tools, Noroton Growth has transformed its sales operations. Time previously wasted on data hygiene, manual data entry, and meeting prep is now devoted to what truly matters: closing more deals and driving revenue.

About the author:
Lucy Keoni
Customer Success
About the company:
Noroton Growth
Business Consulting and Services
Company Size:
2-10 employees

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