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May 22, 2024
Devansh Kamdar
Devansh Kamdar
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Like every Chrome user, you’ve probably been through a phase where you downloaded a lot of extensions. While these can be fun to play around with, having too many can lead to mental overload. When you want to get something done, you must scroll through a long list and switch among apps until you find the right extension.
In this article, we'll introduce you to Bardeen, an all-in-one productivity extension in Chrome. Once you have Bardeen in your toolkit, you can uninstall other extensions without missing out on any functionality.

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One extension to rule them all

Looking at the long list of extensions in your browser, have you ever wished for one that can replace most of them—that can take screenshots, send meeting reminders, and summarize articles? If yes, Bardeen is for you.

It’s an AI workflow automation extension for Chrome which can create automations for you with AI. It's a convenient way to streamline your workflow and reduce the number of extensions you need. It’s free to get started.

Let’s dive into nine types of tasks that Bardeen can do.

1. Summarize websites and emails with AI

Since the release of ChatGPT and GPT-4, many browser extensions have come out to enhance your web experience with AI. Bardeen, integrated with OpenAI, lets you save time with AI-powered automations in your browser.

Want to get the gist of an article, short story, or Wikipedia page without having to read it from start to finish? This automation will use OpenAI’s GPT3 to summarize it for you. Additionally, you can also save the summary to ClickUp, Notion, and Google Docs.

Similar to the above automation, this automation will use OpenAI to summarize an email for you and send it to a Slack channel or user.

This automation will summarize and extract action items from meeting notes using OpenAI's cutting-edge language model. It'll add the tasks to Asana, so you can begin working right away! This automation is also available for Coda, Pipedrive, WhatsApp, and Slack.

2. AI writer

The automations discussed in the above point make it convenient to leverage AI to optimize your everyday workflows. We also offer content generative AI automations for social media and email outreach.

Although tools like Canva have made it easy to create images and marketing materials for your business, it’s still very time-consuming. With this automation, you can use OpenAI to generate an image based on an email brief. It’ll send the image to a Slack channel or user along with an optional message.

It’s not always easy to come up with a creative and funny tweet that gets popular. With this automation, you can use OpenAI as your writing companion. It’ll create a tweet for you and save it to Google Sheets, where you can edit it further and post it.

This automation will create an AI-generated outreach email for the LinkedIn profile currently opened in your browser. You can use it to get in touch with leads, approach candidates for a job position, and build up your network.

Bardeen also has its own set of AI features. With Magic Box, you can chat with Bardeen and create your own automations using natural language—no coding required!

3. Note-taking and task management with AI

Bardeen also offers note-taking and task management features. It can automatically create a new Notion page or Google Doc before a meeting starts, giving you a fresh page to write your meeting notes.

Using OpenAI, Bardeen can also find and extract a task list from an email and add it to a project management platform like ClickUp and Asana. Here are some automations that can do that for you.

When you are in a state of flow, you’re highly perceptive to new ideas and innovations. With Bardeen, you can write your thoughts without changing tabs and breaking your focus.

Feel free to learn more about how to maintain your “Idea Inbox” and brainstorm new ideas.

4. Screenshots

If you're using an extension to take screenshots, you can use Bardeen instead. Here is an automation for taking full-page screenshots of websites.

Want to see it in action? Here you go.

Bardeen can also send that screenshot to another platform, like a Slack channel or an email. Say you want to take a screenshot of an online store when the price of a product changes. Bardeen can do that as well, but more on that later.

Currently, Bardeen isn’t capable of adding text and annotations to screenshots. If that’s a feature you need, check out other options.

5. Monitor website changes

Whether you’re monitoring your competitor’s website or waiting for the price to drop on a product you want to buy, you can use the “when website data changes” trigger in Bardeen to notify you automatically.

Of course, this automation can be customized to fit your requirements. You can also create your own scraper models for the websites of your choice. To learn more about how to create such an automation, see this article.

6. Web scraping

The internet contains all the data you need within easy access, but it’s not always available in the format you prefer. Since Bardeen has a web scraper, you can use it to scrape, organize, and export data in any format you want.

The scraper can be used to gather data from several websites and analyze it in a spreadsheet, copy social media profiles, or enrich a list of email addresses. See this article to learn how to extract data from websites.

7. Reminders

You might have an extension in your browser or an app on your phone for reminders. Bardeen also offers reminders to help you stay on top of your tasks and meetings. Here are a few such automations.

With these automations, you can ensure you’re never late for a meeting again. And just in case, we have automations for email and Slack you can use to inform each participant that you will be running late to a meeting!

As demonstrated in this video, you can also use Bardeen to stay on track with your daily habits and long-term goals.

8. Reading list

Picture this: you stumbled upon a great article but don’t have time to read it. Where do you save it? If you don’t maintain a proper list, it’s easy to lose track of articles and other interesting links in a sea of post-it notes and old to-do lists.

You can use Bardeen to copy the current tab to another platform to save and access it for later referral.

This automation is also available for Google Sheets and Coda.

9. Manage browser tabs

When you’re looking for something, it’s easy to open several tabs. But this can make it difficult to focus. Fortunately, you can use Bardeen to manage your browser tabs. It can close all inactive tabs for you and also save all open tabs to another platform for later referral. Here are some automations for that.

Most internet users are guilty of tab hoarding, but it shouldn’t be taken lightly. It doesn’t only slow down your computer but can also make it difficult to maintain focus and get things done.

10. Save social media profiles

Using the Bardeen scraper, you can copy social media profiles to other platforms. It can extract data attributes like name, bio, link, location, etc. Here are a few such automations.

These automations can be helpful when finding influencers for a brand or candidates for a job position. Once the extraction is complete, you can also save the file locally to your computer.

What else can you do with Bardeen?

We hope you enjoyed reading about these nine use cases of Bardeen! Since Bardeen is built for endless possibilities, there’s still more to explore. We offer many pre-built automations for marketers, recruiters, and product developers.

Once you get the hang of it, you can also create your own automations which adhere to your specific workflow. Now, feel free to explore our Playbooks and Autobooks to automate repetitive tasks and save time.


When it comes to browser extensions, less is more. With Bardeen, you can perform a wide range of tasks with just one extension. This can help you save time, stay focused, and be more productive.

As a next step, go ahead and install Bardeen. Moreover, you can also uninstall the extensions you no longer need. At the top-right corner of Chrome, click the More button (three dots), More Tools, and Extensions. To remove an extension, click Remove. Your computer will thank you for this!

In the near future, AI is going to revolutionize workflow automation. You can get your foot in the door by checking out our article on OpenAI automations to boost your productivity.

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