Send a PDF of a web page to Slack

This playbook will get a screenshot of a website as a PDF and send it in Slack.

Time saving:
5 min

Get your daily performance insights right in Slack every morning. This playbook will create a screenshot (as a PDF) from a list of websites and send them in Slack.

What makes Bardeen special is that it can run on your computer, where you are already logged in on the appropriate websites. Thus, your data is protected, and you can set up this automation in just a minute.

First, we will need to create a time trigger, which will run the playbook every time period. Go to the Automations tab, and write the following command:

After, click on THEN and select this playbook.

From here, we need to configure two arguments: 

1) website links 

2) Slack channel/user.

Paste one or multiple URLs at once for the “websites” argument. 

For the Slack argument, specify the Slack channel or the user name. 

Boom! This is it. You will receive your screenshots every so often.

Note: you can test this playbook, by running it without the WHEN command. Just click on the playbook and input the arguments.


How to integrate Notion

Before you can start using playbooks for Notion you have to set up Notion and the databases you want to use.
Learn how to integrate Notion

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Send a PDF of a web page to Slack
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