Upload a screenshot of a web page to Google Drive

This playbook will upload a screenshot of a website to a Google Drive folder.

Time saving:
3 min

Create a collection of website screenshots with a few clicks. 

This playbook will generate a screenshot of a web page and upload it to a Google Drive folder. Feel free to use the Dropbox playbook alternative.

The screenshots are created in the background, which allows you to create website archives by setting up time triggers. 

Use these triggers from the Automations tab to take screenshots automatically:

When time has passed the duration of [time], then [Upload a screenshot…]

When time of day is or after specific time using time [time], then [Upload a screenshot…]

But the best part is that you can generate screenshots of websites that require login to view information. 

If you do performance reports for your clients, this playbook will automate this process entirely. Get screenshots of Google Analytics, Facebook Ads manager, or any other website!

Google Drive is far from the only screenshot playbooks. You can send website screenshots directly to Slack with this playbook: 

Check out our in-depth guide about creating automated screenshots.


How to integrate Notion

Before you can start using playbooks for Notion you have to set up Notion and the databases you want to use.
Learn how to integrate Notion

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Upload a screenshot of a web page to Google Drive
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