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Close all inactive browser tabs
Close all inactive browser tabs
Close all inactive browser tabs
Close all inactive browser tabs

Close all inactive browser tabs

This playbook will close all inactive browser tabs.

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Too many open tabs have been a struggle for humankind ever since tabs hit the browser scene. When your screen is cluttered with millions of them, navigating to the tab you want is hard. And your computer's memory is always running out.

With this automation, you can close all of the browser tabs except for the one you are currently using. No clicking around needed; trying to avoid the important tab that you want to keep. 

Go ahead! Click the "Try it" button above and give it a go. The playbook will automatically close all other tabs except this one.

💪 Pro tip: Looking to up your browser management game? Check out our other playbooks that will turn you into a tab management pro below.

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May 31, 2023

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