13 best meeting automations to save you at least 1 hour/week

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According to Otter’s research, the average knowledge worker does 62 meetings per month, half of which are “a complete waste of time.” 

In addition, so much time is lost on meeting logistics such as scheduling, joining, reminding, and managing recordings.

In this article, you will learn how to automate the most common meeting workflows and save yourself at least an hour a week!

Join the next meeting (automatically)

Do you ever find yourself checking your calendar a million times a day to find out when your next meeting is? Or do you remember getting carried away when sneaking a quick task before your next meeting?

This playbook will launch your next meeting in the Google Calendar so that you never miss a meeting again. 

Find social profiles of event participants

Researching people when you meet them for the first time is fundamental to build strong relationships and get important context about them.

Now, you can look up social profiles (Twitter, LinkedIn, Github) of event participants with just one click.

Upload meeting recordings to Google Drive or Dropbox

The odds are, you don’t want to pay Zoom $40/m for the cloud storage or manually clean up recordings every week. 

These playbooks will upload Zoom cloud recordings to Google Drive or Dropbox with a shortcut.

Find this automation in the Autobooks tab.

You can also share Zoom recordings with all meeting participants in under 10 seconds with this playbook:

Notify that you are waiting in the meeting room 

Unfortunately, people run late to meetings all the time. Other times, they may ping you to send them the meeting link. 😑

This one-click playbook will send a templated email to all meeting participants saying that you are waiting in the meeting room (with the meeting link).

Alternatively, send an SMS reminder with the meeting link: 

Create a meeting agenda in Google Sheets

Create a spreadsheet with all of your Google Calendar meetings within a time period. 

This playbook is perfect for sales and customer support professionals who report on their meetings frequently.

Message event participants

With Bardeen, you can forget about copy-pasting once and for all! 

Send a quick email to participants of a meeting (past, present or future) with this playbook.

Use the Slack alternative to direct message to all meeting participants. 

Automate scheduling meetings

Scheduling Zoom meetings has just become much easier! Like 15-second easy. 

And you can do it from anywhere on your computer with the global shortcut

To create an ad-hoc meeting, run this playbook to launch a Zoom meeting and send the meeting link to someone on Slack.

Share the current page as a PDF with meeting participants

Share information locked behind logins and paywalls. 

This playbook will generate a PDF of the currently opened web page, upload it to Google Drive and share the file with the participants of a specified meeting.

Create a Notion page for meeting notes (bonus)

Meetings are so much more actionable when you keep notes. 

This playbook will create a new Notion page in your “meetings” database with all the event details. 

Build a custom playbook

Everyone’s workflow is unique. You can create your own playbook using the Playbook builder.

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