How to summarize Web Pages and YouTube videos with AI

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May 22, 2024
Devansh Kamdar
Devansh Kamdar
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Let’s admit it: the internet might have all the information in the world, but it’s often covered by a lot of fluff. Whether it’s how-to articles, technical reviews, or research papers, you often need to read through large blocks of text before you get to the part you’re looking for. This takes away a lot of time and brainpower that can be invested somewhere more productive.

Why not let AI do the heavy lifting for you? OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 and GPT 4 can parse thousands of words in seconds and create concise and to-the-point summaries for you. Since Bardeen is integrated with OpenAI, you can use it to summarize web pages, videos, emails, and meeting notes in your browser!

Summarize website content with Bardeen

Although many people are excited by how AI can generate content, its summarization capabilities are equally impressive. There are many new tools for summarizing website content, like Frase, QuillBot, and TDLR This. But these are all individual websites and have various limitations.

What if you want the feature to summarize website content in your browser, quickly accessible with just a few clicks? For that, Bardeen is the most convenient option built for for Chrome. Let’s look at a few prebuilt automations for this.

Web pages

First, let’s discuss web pages. Using Bardeen, you can summarize any web page, like articles, short stories, and Wikipedia pages. Here are some automations for that.

Whenever you come across a long web page, run this automation. It’ll create a summary of the page using OpenAI and save it to Google Docs. You can do the same for ClickUp, Notion, Coda, and Airtable. You can also send the summary on WhatsApp.

If you’re an SEO expert, you might want to identify the keywords used on a page. This automation will do that for you. In addition, it’ll also create a summary of the webpage and store the collected data in Coda.

Since Bardeen is integrated with over fifty apps, we offer prebuilt automations for multiple platforms. This automation will save keywords and a summary of the current webpage to Google Sheets.

If you’re looking up businesses on Facebook, use this automation to make research more straightforward. When you open a Facebook business page, run this automation, and it’ll create a summary of it.

Videos and YouTube

Yes, you can also summarize videos with Bardeen! Although videos are generally easier to go through than articles (you can always watch at 2X speed), they can still take up valuable time. Here are some automations for summarizing videos.

You can use this automation to summarize a video, whether a podcast episode, tech tutorial, or news clip. Open the video in a tab and run this automation. It’ll use OpenAI to generate a summary and save the results to Airtable. You can also save it to Google Sheets or send it as an email.

Do you like to keep up with the news or learn new skills while getting other things done? This automation creates an AI-generated audio recording of the summary of a YouTube video. So, you can listen to it at your convenience.


Long emails are often just as challenging to go through as a Wikipedia page. With these automations, you can summarize emails, create email drafts, and declutter your inbox.

Want to send a summary of an email to a team member on Slack? This automation will do that for you. You only need to specify the email and input the Slack username you’d like to send it to.

If you’ve received a long email with many action items, you don’t want to manually add tasks to your project management platform. This automation will summarize the email and create a task for you. It’s also available for ClickUp.

It’s difficult to write emails from scratch while ensuring you don’t make any errors. To save time and minimize stress, you can use this automation. It uses AI to write an email draft based on your prompt and preferred tone.

If you want to keep your email inbox clean and organized, you can leverage the power of AI to achieve that. Check out this article to learn about AI-powered email inbox management tools.


Meetings are often essential to make action plans, develop relationships, and share ideas. Unfortunately, post-meeting notes can contain irrelevant information, making them time-consuming to refer to later. With these automations, you can leverage AI to streamline your workflow.

This automation will generate a summary, pick action items from your meeting notes, and add them to Asana. You can also save these tasks to ClickUp, Coda, and Pipedrive.

Instead of saving the meeting summary and action items to a project management platform, you can send them to a Slack channel or user. You can also send this data as a WhatsApp message.

We also have many useful non-AI meeting automations available for you. For example, you can copy Google Calendar meetings to Notion, add enriched meeting participant data to a Coda table, and more! Check this article for meeting automations to save time.

Leverage AI to save more time

Summarizing website content is a great way to save time, but you can use AI for much more. The OpenAI integration in Bardeen lets you bring the full power of AI to optimize everyday tasks. Check out our top OpenAI automations.

Do you have an idea for an automation? You can make it a reality in just a few minutes with Magic Box. Type out what you want the automation to do, and Magic Box will create it. Learn about more Bardeen AI features.


In the age of information overload, it’s wise to leverage the text summarization capability of AI to save time and stay sharp. Using Bardeen is the most convenient way to do this since it’s free to get started, available for Chrome, and works with many types of content.

As your next step forward, install Bardeen and summarize a webpage.

To learn more about other ways to save your time by leveraging AI, check out our ultimate AI automation and AI tools guide.

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