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March 4, 2024
Devansh Kamdar
Devansh Kamdar
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When it comes to leads, the quantity of the data makes a huge difference. The more you know about your leads, the higher chance you have of converting them into loyal clients.

If you want to boost your sales pipeline by enriching data on your leads, we have a great solution for you. Using Apollo, you can add additional data to basic lead info, making it easier to approach and nurture leads.

In this article, we will delve into how to use Apollo to supercharge your lead generation efforts.

What is data enrichment?

It’s a known fact that to connect a person, you need to tap into a subject that interests, concerns, or defines them. Naturally, when you talk about something that interests a person, they are more likely to respond. Once they do, you can move the conversation further.

That is what data enrichment helps us achieve: it enhances existing datasets by adding more information, such as demographic details, social media profiles, or other relevant data. This opens the door to crafting more effective conversion strategies. Check this article to learn more about data enrichment.

Does your CRM support Apollo?

Integrating Apollo with your CRM presents many benefits. Mainly, it can supercharge the process of correcting, appending, and updating existing data. There are many CRMs supported by Apollo, like Salesforce, HubSpot, Salesloft, Pipedrive, and many more. Follow these steps to connect your CRM with Apollo.

Step 1: Go to the Settings wheel in the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 2: In the left-hand panel, click Integrations.

Step 3: Find the CRM you use, and click Connect.

From here, you’ll need to login to your account and approve the required permissions. But, what to do if your CRM isn’t supported by Apollo? Let’s explore some alternative options in the next section.

Automate data enrichment using Bardeen

Bardeen is a workflow automation extension in Chrome that is integrated with Apollo. It allows you to get data from Apollo to apps like Google Sheets, Notion, Pipedrive and over seventy others without requiring a direct connection. It’s free to get started.

Here are some pre-built Apollo automations to add lead data, automate outreach, scrape pages, and much more.

Using Apollo, this automation will get personal and company data for the currently opened Linkedin profile.

This automation will qualify a Salesforce lead based on your criteria using data from Apollo. Once qualified, it will create a Salesforce contact for the lead.

This automation will enrich contacts in an Airtable, adding relevant additional data obtained from Apollo.

This automation will find emails for a list of Linkedin sales navigator profile links in Google Sheets and update the rows with the email information.

This automation will enrich leads from a Google Sheet spreadsheet using a lead’s email address and Apollo, qualify them based on your criteria, and save the results to a new tab in the spreadsheet.

Do you want to create your own automations without any complex coding? Using the Magic Box, you can create automations using just natural language! Check this article for more on how to use Magic Box.

Find hot leads using Bardeen Scraper

Here are some data enrichment automations.

This automation will get profile data from the Linkedin people search page, qualify each profile based on specified criteria, and save the results to Airtable or Notion, Coda, and Google Sheets.

This automation will qualify companies from Linkedin search based on your criteria and save the results to a Google Sheets spreadsheet!

This automation will scrape the currently opened sales navigator lead list and add the data to Google Sheets for later referral. Check out this article for more automations to scrape LinkedIn.


Apollo is an excellent platform for lead generation and data enrichment. It can be an indispensable tool to convert leads. If your CRM supports Apollo, you can connect it using the Integrations page. Alternatively, you can also use Apollo through Bardeen.

Now, follow the steps to enrich your leads using Apollo! Even if you don’t get the results the first time, it’s good to try and get to know the platform.

Lead nurturing in this way can be fun at the beginning, but becomes almost impossible to do at scale. If you want to reach hundreds of leads, read this article to learn how to automate lead management.

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