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Link Google Calendar to Notion: Easy Steps

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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April 15, 2024

Linking Google Calendar to Notion enhances productivity by offering various integration methods. Here's a quick guide:

  • Connect your Google account to Notion.
  • Share a Google Calendar link to Notion for public access.
  • Embed Google Calendar in Notion for a direct view.
  • Sync events using Cron for dynamic integration.

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How to Link Google Calendar to Notion

Integrating Google Calendar with Notion enhances productivity by centralizing your scheduling and task management within one platform. This guide explores various methods to link Google Calendar to Notion, catering to different user needs and preferences.

Connecting Google Account to Notion

The initial step for integrating Google Calendar with Notion involves connecting your Google account to Notion. Here's how:

  1. Visit
  2. Click 'Get Notion free' at the top right to initiate the connection with your Google account.
  3. Select 'Continue with Google.'
  4. Log in using your preferred Google account.

Sharing Google Calendar Link to Notion

One straightforward method to integrate Google Calendar into Notion is by sharing a calendar link. This allows anyone with the link to view your calendar from a browser or Google Calendar app. Follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Calendar.
  2. In 'My calendars', hover over your desired calendar, click the three-dotted icon, and select 'Settings and sharing.'
  3. Click 'Access permissions for events.'
  4. Check 'Make available to public', then click 'Get shareable link.'
  5. Copy the link and paste it on a Notion page, selecting 'Dismiss' from the pop-up menu.

Now, your public Google Calendar is accessible through the shared link in Notion.

Embedding Google Calendar in Notion

For a more integrated view, Google Calendar allows embedding directly into a Notion page, offering a preview without needing to open the calendar link. To embed your calendar:

  1. Follow the initial steps mentioned above to access your calendar's 'Settings and sharing.'
  2. Under 'Integrate calendar', copy the 'Public URL to this calendar.'
  3. Paste this URL into a Notion page and select 'Create embed' from the pop-up menu.

Your Google Calendar will now be embedded in Notion, providing a direct view of your schedule.

Syncing Google Calendar with Notion Using Cron

For a dynamic integration, syncing Google Calendar with Notion can be achieved using Cron, a calendar app acquired by Notion. While direct syncing is not available, an automation created by Thomas Frank can push events from Notion to Google Calendar:

  1. Sign up at Cron and connect your Google account.
  2. In Cron, select an event and choose 'Connect Notion' to link Notion pages directly in your calendar app.
  3. Use this link to import Thomas Frank’s workflow into your Pipedream account.
  4. Follow the prompts to connect your Notion account and select the database to track.
  5. Create a test event in Notion, then go back to Pipedream to fetch and deploy your new event.

This method allows for events created in Notion to be pushed to your Google Calendar, enhancing the integration between the two platforms.


Linking Google Calendar to Notion is achievable through various methods, including sharing a calendar link, embedding the calendar directly into Notion, or syncing events using Cron and Pipedream. Each method offers different levels of integration and convenience, allowing users to choose the best fit for their workflow.

Automate Your Google Calendar and Notion Sync with Bardeen

Linking Google Calendar to Notion can be a manual process, but with Bardeen, you can automate this to enhance your productivity. Automating the link between Google Calendar and Notion ensures that all your meetings and events are automatically updated in Notion, offering a seamless integration of your calendar with your workspace. This automation allows you to focus on your work without worrying about manual updates. Start automating today by visiting

  1. Create and open a new Notion page for a Google Calendar event: This playbook automatically creates a new Notion page for your Google Calendar events, ensuring you have a dedicated space for meeting notes and information, ready right before the event starts.
  2. Copy Google Calendar meetings to Notion: Seamlessly transfer all your Google Calendar meetings within a specific timeframe into a Notion database, centralizing your scheduling and note-taking in one place.
  3. Copy all Google Calendar events during a time frame to Notion: This playbook copies all your Google Calendar events within a set timeframe into Notion, making it easier to see your full schedule within your workspace.

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