Delete LinkedIn Posts: Easy Steps Guide in 2024

Jason Gong
June 6, 2024

Click More icon, select Delete post, and confirm.

By the way, we're Bardeen, we build a free AI Agent for doing repetitive tasks.

Since you're using LinkedIn, you might like our LinkedIn Data Scraper. It helps automate data extraction and post management to save you time.

To delete a LinkedIn post, you can follow these steps:

Deleting a Post on Your LinkedIn Page

  • Access your Page super or content admin view.
  • Locate the post you’d like to delete in your Page Posts feed.
  • Click or tap the More icon.
  • Select Delete post.
  • Click or tap Delete to confirm.

Deleting a Post from Your Personal Feed

  • Locate the post you want to delete in your feed.
  • Click or tap the More icon in the upper-right corner of the post.
  • Select Delete post from the dropdown menu.
  • Click or tap Delete to confirm in the pop-up window.

Deleting a Post or Comment in LinkedIn Groups

  • Click or tap the More icon on the upper-right corner of the post or comment.
  • Select Edit post to make changes, or Delete post to remove it.
  • For comments, select Edit to modify or Delete to remove the comment.

Managing Shared Content and Profile Activity

  • Go to your profile Activity page by clicking the Me icon and selecting View profile.
  • Navigate to the Activity section and click the type of activity you wish to view (Posts, Comments, or Videos).
  • Click on the post you want to delete.
  • Click the More icon in the top right corner of the post.
  • Select Delete post from the dropdown and click Delete to confirm.

Note that you cannot delete content marked as spam, and deleted posts may still appear in digest emails sent to your connections after deletion.

Automate LinkedIn Tasks with Bardeen Workflows

While deleting a LinkedIn post is a simple manual task, automating your LinkedIn activity can significantly increase your efficiency. With Bardeen, you can set up workflows to manage your LinkedIn content strategy, such as tracking posts, summarizing discussions, and archiving job listings for future reference. These automations are particularly useful for content managers, social media strategists, and HR professionals who need to maintain a clean and professional online presence while saving time on manual tasks.

  1. Save LinkedIn posts from search to Airtable: This playbook is a game-changer for anyone in sales or marketing research. It automates the collection of posts, comments, and reactions from LinkedIn searches directly into Airtable, making data organization and access a breeze.
  2. Save LinkedIn posts from search to Coda: Streamline your workflow by extracting LinkedIn posts and engagement data to populate your Coda tables. It's ideal for managing content calendars and community engagement strategies.
  3. Save LinkedIn posts from search to Google Sheets: Quickly save post details from LinkedIn searches to Google Sheets. It's a time-saver for those who compile and analyze social media data for reporting or strategic planning.

Explore these and other LinkedIn automations by downloading the Bardeen app at

Automate LinkedIn Tasks with Bardeen's LinkedIn Data Scraper

Save time by automating LinkedIn post management and data extraction with Bardeen.

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