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Embed Calendar in HubSpot Emails: A Step-by-Step Guide

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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April 15, 2024

Adding a calendar to HubSpot emails can be achieved by sharing event links from Google Calendar, Outlook, or Apple Calendar, or by using 'Add to Calendar' buttons through services like AddEvent. This enhances user engagement by making it easy for recipients to add events to their calendars.

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How to Add Calendar to HubSpot Email

Integrating a calendar into HubSpot emails enhances user engagement by providing a seamless way for recipients to add events directly to their personal calendars. This guide explores various methods to incorporate calendar functionalities into HubSpot emails, including direct calendar invites and "Add to Calendar" buttons.

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HubSpot Add Calendar Link to Email

To include a calendar link in a HubSpot email, you can utilize services like Google Calendar, Outlook, or Apple Calendar to create an event and then share the event link within your email. Here's how you can do it for each calendar type:

  • Google Calendar: Create the event in Google Calendar and make it public. After saving the event, use the "Publish event" option to get a shareable link. In HubSpot, edit your email and insert this link, allowing recipients to add the event to their Google Calendar.
  • Outlook Calendar: In Outlook, create an appointment (not a meeting) and save it. Then, generate an .ics file by forwarding the appointment as an iCalendar. Upload this .ics file to HubSpot's file manager, copy its URL, and insert it into your email.
  • Apple Calendar: Create an event in Apple Calendar and drag the event to your desktop to create an .ics file. Upload this file to HubSpot's file manager, copy the URL, and include it in your email.

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Add to Calendar Button HubSpot

For a more interactive approach, you can use "Add to Calendar" buttons in your emails. This requires a third-party service like AddEvent, which provides a straightforward way to generate these buttons:

  1. Create your event on and navigate to the "Add to Calendar links" section.
  2. Copy the provided link or button code.
  3. In HubSpot, paste this code into your email editor where you want the button to appear.

This method simplifies the process for recipients to add your event to their calendars with just a click, enhancing user experience.

HubSpot Email Calendar

HubSpot's marketing calendar can also be leveraged to plan and schedule email campaigns around important dates or events. While not directly related to embedding calendar links or buttons in emails, the marketing calendar tool helps marketers maintain an organized schedule of email sends, ensuring timely and relevant communications.

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Remember, the effectiveness of including calendar functionalities in your emails depends on the clarity of the event information and the ease with which recipients can add events to their calendars. Always test your emails to ensure that links or buttons work as intended.

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While adding a calendar to your HubSpot emails can be done manually by incorporating links or using HubSpot's meeting tool, automating these processes can significantly enhance efficiency and ensure a smoother experience for both you and your recipients. Bardeen offers powerful automations that can streamline your scheduling and contact management directly within HubSpot.

  1. Automate HubSpot Contact Creation from Calendly Meetings: This playbook automatically creates a new contact in HubSpot from a Calendly meeting, capturing all the essential details. It's particularly useful for ensuring that every new meeting attendee is instantly added to your CRM, enhancing your follow-up process.
  2. Create a HubSpot ticket when an email is forwarded: For service and support teams, this playbook automates the creation of HubSpot tickets from forwarded emails, streamlining your customer service process and ensuring no request goes unnoticed.
  3. Sync LinkedIn Emails with HubSpot CRM: Enhance your CRM by automatically enriching and updating HubSpot leads with LinkedIn emails. This playbook integrates LinkedIn for email input, uses Clearbit for data enrichment, and updates HubSpot for an optimized CRM management.

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