How to connect and add HubSpot to Gmail

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Tired of switching between HubSpot and Gmail to manage your customer interactions and sales activities? If you’re using both HubSpot CRM and Gmail separately, you’re missing out on a robust integration that can transform your workflow.

By bringing HubSpot’s powerful CRM capabilities into your Gmail inbox, you can sync emails, track interactions, and access contact details. No more manual data entry—just a streamlined approach to managing your sales emails. In this article, you’ll learn how to set up this integration. Let’s dive in!

The HubSpot Gmail integration

Here are the steps to integrate Gmail in HubSpot.

Step 1: Log in to HubSpot and click the Settings button at the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Go to the General section and switch to the Email tab. Click Connect personal email.

Step 3: Enable Turn on inbox automation and click Connect your inbox. Enter your Gmail address and click Next. Once HubSpot recognizes that it’s a Gmail address, click Connect to Gmail.

Step 4: Sign in to your Gmail account and allow permissions. Once everything is set up and authenticated, HubSpot will give you the option to download the HubSpot Chrome extension. Click Download Extension. If you face any issues and need support, visit this HubSpot article.

Once you’ve installed and set up the extension, you can open the extension when you’re in your inbox instead of going to HubSpot!

The extension includes a sidebar that displays contact details, associated deals, recent interactions, and tasks related to the sender of an email. You can search your HubSpot contact database directly in your inbox.

When you compose an email, you can also access Templates, Sequences, and Documents. Plus, you can track and log emails to HubSpot records, ensuring all communication is tracked for future reference.

Connect HubSpot with Gmail

Alternatively, you can also opt for the HubSpot Gmail integration. It connects HubSpot and Gmail to streamline your workflow. Watch this video for more details.

In addition to the Gmail integration, HubSpot also offers integrations with other popular productivity platforms, like ClickUp, Airtable, and Asana. Check this article for more productivity-boosting HubSpot integrations!

Automate your HubSpot and Gmail workflows using Bardeen

Bardeen is a workflow automation extension in Chrome. It’s integrated with HubSpot and well-known sales apps like Salesforce, Jira, and Pipedrive. It allows you to connect your apps and automates your sales and marketing workflow. It’s free to get started.

Now, let’s look at a few HubSpot and Gmail automations in Bardeen.

When you receive an email from a potential customer and quickly want to add them to your sales pipeline, use this automation instead of doing it manually. It uses Clearbit to find user details and creates a new contact in HubSpot.

This automation also creates a HubSpot contact from an email, but uses OpenAI instead of Clearbit. Since Bardeen is integrated with OpenAI, it gives you access to GPT. Check this article to see more AI-powered automations.

When you receive an email concerning your business, you may want to add it as a ticket to HubSpot. With this automation, you can let AI do the hard work for you. It summarizes the email and adds it to HubSpot, where your team can view it. Check this page for more Gmail automations.

Although we keep adding new automations regularly, you can also create your own. It’s easier now than ever before, thanks to Magic Box. Visit this page to learn about more Bardeen AI features.


Integrating HubSpot with Gmail empowers you to streamline your communication and enhance productivity. Following the step-by-step process above, you can seamlessly connect and add HubSpot to Gmail, improving your sales processes and customer interactions.

If you want to embrace the power of integration and streamline your daily business activities, check out these HubSpot automations to boost productivity.

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