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Scrape Company Headcount from LinkedIn Profile

This workflow automates the extraction of company headcount from LinkedIn profile URLs, streamlining market research and competitive analysis.
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Scrape data on active tab
Scrape data on active tab

How does this playbook work?

This workflow automates the extraction of company headcount from LinkedIn profile URLs, streamlining market research and competitive analysis.
  • LinkedIn profile link
  • Company headcount information

This automation extracts the headcount of a company directly from a LinkedIn profile link using a specialized scraper model.

Upon providing a LinkedIn profile URL, the automation employs a scraper model named "LinkedInCompanyHeadcount" to extract the headcount information of the company associated with that profile. This is particularly useful for:

  • Market research and analysis
  • Lead generation and qualification
  • Competitive analysis
Pro Tip: This can be extended to automate the process of collecting demographic or firmographic data for a list of companies by integrating with other tools like Google Sheets, Salesforce, or HubSpot.

Utilizing this automation can significantly streamline the task of data collection for sales, marketing, and research purposes.

Step 1: Install the Bardeen App

To start, install the Bardeen app by visiting the official website.

Step 2: Navigate to the Magic Box

Open the Bardeen app and proceed to the Magic Box. Enter the following prompt:

Get LinkedIn company headcount from a LinkedIn profile link

Step 3: Integrate the Necessary Integrations

Make sure the Scraper integration is set up within your Bardeen app to enable the extraction of data.

Step 4: Run the Workflow

Upon setup, you can run the workflow designed to:

  • Scrape the company headcount directly from a specified LinkedIn profile link.
  • This is achieved using a specialized scraper model tailored for extracting LinkedIn company headcount data.
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How Can You Determine a Company's Headcount on LinkedIn?

How to See Employees of a Company on LinkedIn

Finding out the headcount or viewing employees of a company on LinkedIn can be crucial for various professional reasons, ranging from market research, competitive analysis, to recruitment and networking. LinkedIn, being the largest professional network, offers several ways to explore company sizes and employee details directly from their platform. Here's how you can manually find this information on LinkedIn.

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To find current employees, start by searching for the company's LinkedIn page. Once on the page, look for a link or section that mentions the number of employees. This section not only reveals the headcount but also allows you to click through to a list of current employees. You can further refine this list using LinkedIn's filter options to target specific roles, locations, or other criteria.

Finding former employees requires a different approach since their profiles won't be listed directly on the company page. Instead, use LinkedIn's search bar to perform a general search. Then, filter the results to show only people, and use the "All filters" option to specify the company under "Past company." This method helps you compile a list of professionals who have previously worked at the company, which can be invaluable for competitive analysis or understanding a company's alumni network.

Scrape LinkedIn Company Employees

For those looking to gather employee data at scale, scraping LinkedIn company employees might be a more efficient method. While LinkedIn's terms of service restrict the use of automated tools to scrape data, there are third-party tools and services that claim to offer this capability. These tools can potentially extract a list of current and former employees, including details such as names, positions, and profiles, which can then be exported to a spreadsheet for further analysis.

However, it's crucial to approach scraping with caution due to LinkedIn's strict policies against unauthorized data collection. A more compliant alternative involves using LinkedIn's official APIs or partnering with data providers that have legitimate access to LinkedIn data. These methods ensure that your data collection practices are in line with LinkedIn's usage policies and protect you from potential legal issues.

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how does bardeen work?

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