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Extract Email from LinkedIn Profile

This workflow helps quickly extract email addresses from a LinkedIn profile using, ideal for recruiters and sales professionals.
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Get current page URL
Get current page URL
Find email from LinkedIn profile
Find email from LinkedIn profile

Workflow Overview

This workflow helps quickly extract email addresses from a LinkedIn profile using, ideal for recruiters and sales professionals.
  • Currently opened LinkedIn Profile Page
  • Email address of the LinkedIn profile owner

This automation extracts an email address from the LinkedIn profile page currently opened in your browser. It's a straightforward and efficient method to obtain contact details directly from LinkedIn.

The process begins by retrieving the URL of the currently opened LinkedIn profile page. Then, leveraging the integration, it finds the email address associated with that LinkedIn profile. This is particularly useful for:

  • Recruiters looking to reach out to potential candidates
  • Sales professionals seeking to connect with leads
Note: This workflow requires the integration for email extraction. Ensure you have an active account for seamless operation.

By automating the extraction of email addresses from LinkedIn, users can significantly streamline their outreach and networking efforts.

Step 1: Install the Bardeen App

To start, ensure you have the Bardeen app installed on your device.

Step 2: Navigate to the Magic Box

Open the Bardeen Magic Box and input the following:

Find email from the currently opened LinkedIn profile page

Step 3: Integrate the Workflow Integrations

Make sure to integrate the necessary integrations for the workflow. This workflow utilizes Bardeen Commons for retrieving the current page URL and Snov for extracting the email address.

Step 4: Run the Workflow

Now, run the workflow. This workflow operates by:

  • Retrieving the current page URL to ensure the LinkedIn profile page is targeted.
  • Finding the email address associated with the LinkedIn profile using the URL obtained.
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How Can You Find an Email Address from a LinkedIn Profile?

Unlocking LinkedIn Email Addresses: A Comprehensive Guide

Finding an email address from a LinkedIn profile can be a crucial step for professionals in various fields, including sales, recruitment, and networking. While LinkedIn provides a platform for connecting with professionals, accessing their email addresses directly from the platform can be challenging without a first-degree connection. This guide explores multiple methods to find someone's email address from LinkedIn, ensuring you can reach out to potential contacts effectively.

Ready to streamline your LinkedIn outreach? Use Bardeen to automate the process and find email addresses effortlessly.

Manual Methods and Chrome Extensions

One straightforward method is to manually check a LinkedIn profile's Contact Info section, where users may list their email address. However, this approach has limitations, as not everyone chooses to display their email publicly. To overcome this, you can utilize various Chrome extensions designed for email extraction from LinkedIn profiles. Extensions like Hunter, ContactOut, and GetProspect offer functionalities to find and verify email addresses directly from LinkedIn profiles or through bulk searches.

For instance, Hunter provides a Chrome extension that allows you to identify email patterns associated with a company and find individual email addresses. Similarly, GetProspect offers a Chrome extension that enables you to extract email addresses in bulk from LinkedIn searches, groups, or individual profiles. These tools often include features like email verification and integration with CRM platforms, enhancing their utility for sales and marketing professionals.

Email Finder Tools and LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Beyond Chrome extensions, dedicated email finder tools like and UpLead offer comprehensive solutions for extracting email addresses from LinkedIn. These platforms provide advanced search capabilities, integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and real-time email verification, ensuring you gather accurate and actionable contact information.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator itself can be a valuable tool for email discovery. Although it doesn't provide email addresses directly, it offers enhanced search capabilities and access to additional profile information. By combining LinkedIn Sales Navigator searches with Google searches or email finder tools, you can effectively deduce the email addresses of your target contacts.

Maximize your outreach efficiency with Bardeen. Automate the email finding process on LinkedIn and connect with your prospects faster.

Remember, while these methods and tools can significantly aid in finding email addresses from LinkedIn, it's essential to use the information responsibly and in compliance with privacy laws and LinkedIn's terms of service. Whether you're reaching out for sales, recruitment, or networking purposes, always prioritize consent and personalization in your communications.

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