How to integrate Notion

Getting started

Step 1: Create a bot and copy your API token

To start the Notion authentication flow in Bardeen, type "activate Notion" or activated it from the "Integrations Catalog."

You will be asked for the Bot API key.

To get this key, you need to create an API bot. To get it, navigate to: 

Settings (Notion) > Integrations > Click “Develop your own integrations”

Then copy your token to the clipboard and paste it in the first window that opened.

Step 2: Give your bot access to a specific databases (Notion)

We need to add the bot to the individual database that we’d like to work with. 

☝️ Make sure you add your bot to DATABASES (not pages), which requires you to click “open as a page.” You won’t be able to add your bot to pages.

Step 3: Give Bardeen access to your database

Now, we need to tell Bardeen that it has access to a specific database. There are two ways to do it.

You can open a Notion database in your browser and run the following playbook: "Get access to Notion database from current URL"

Alternatively, you can write the following command in the Bardeen command line:

You will need to get the Database ID or link.


If you open the database page in your browser, you will find the database ID in the URL. It’s the info before “?”

Copy it to your clipboard and paste it into the command line. 

Step 4: Run your first Notion playbook

Go to our playbooks catalog and find one of our pre-built Notion playbooks. Or create your own with the Bardeen commands.

You can explore the Notion commands by navigating to:

Settings > Commands > Filter by “From” > Notion (Beta API)

Here are the commands: