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May 22, 2024
Renat Gabitov
Renat Gabitov
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We get it, you love Notion. Like us, you use it for all spheres of your life, everything from task management to habit tracking. Notion is fairly versatile. But, Notion wasn’t originally designed for all of this. You’ll still need to manually copy and paste data between your other tools and Notion, or the other way around.

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Here are 9 hacks for you to automate your manual processes and supercharge your Notion experience!

Automation #1: Copy profiles from LinkedIn to Notion

Are you creating a list of candidates or prospects from LinkedIn? It can be a chore to copy-paste them individually. With this Bardeen automation, you can copy thousands of profiles from LinkedIn with a few clicks. Bardeen is a Chrome extension that automates your repetitive tasks without code. It runs locally in your browser, so your data never leaves you.

Activate the Playbook by clicking on it while you’re on the LinkedIn profile you want to copy.

It’ll take a few seconds for it to scrape the data. After it’s done, you can click on ‘View Parent’ and will be redirected to the Notion database. Here, you’ll find the LinkedIn profile page data sorted into Name, Company, Position, and LinkedIn profile link.
If you’re working with another platform and still want to skip the copy-pasting part, don’t worry! We have similar Playbooks for Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Upwork, and Instagram too!
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Automation #2: Enrich email contacts and save them to Notion

What does ‘Enrich’ mean? Say, you’ve gathered a bunch of emails. They could be interview candidates or sales prospects. The emails by themselves might not be enough. You’ll also need their first name, job roles, or social media info to personalize your outreach. With this Bardeen Playbook, you can use Clearbit’s system to ‘Enrich’ your list of emails, and then save them to a Notion database!

For the specific steps on how to do this, you can refer to this guide for how to enrich emails to notion.

Basically, you’ll need to set up a Notion contacts database, configure the Playbook, and then run it. It might require a bit of setting up at the get-go, but it can save you hours of Googling!

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Automation #3: Create tasks on the go

One of the fundamental things Notion is used for is task management. You come up with a task while researching something on the web or while working. If you don’t want to break your workflow by visiting Notion and adding that task, you can do it much more easily with Bardeen.

Just click on the Playbook, fill in the ‘Task Name’ box, and click on ‘Run Playbook’. With that, the task is added to Notion. So, next time you come up with a bright idea or a new task while working, no need to switch tabs!

Talking about tasks, have you recently migrated to Notion from another platform?

If that’s the case, you might have a list of tasks on that platform that you want to import into Notion. Great news: you can skip the boring copy-pasting part by using our Playbooks for Jira, Asana, and ClickUp instead!

Automation #4: Create a Notion page for meeting notes

Did you know that Elon Musk has a habit of just standing up and walking out of meetings if he deems them unimportant or feels like he isn’t adding value? Unfortunately, we can’t all be like Elon, so we have to attend a ton of meetings. If you use Notion for managing those meetings and collecting meeting notes, Bardeen makes it much easier.

After integrating with Google Calendar, Bardeen will create a new Notion page for an event. So, you’ll have access to a fresh page before every meeting automatically!

If you only recently switched to Notion for managing meetings, you must be looking forward to a lot of dreadful copy-pasting from other platforms. Well, we have good news for you! Using this Playbook, you can copy your Google Calendar meetings into a Notion database. More of a Zoom person? This Playbook will copy all Zoom cloud recording links into a Notion database!

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Automation #5: Save contacts from email thread to Notion

Keeping track of people you know and their contact details is also something you might be using Notion for. With this Bardeen automation, you can get a list of contacts from a Gmail thread, enrich them with their job role, company, social media profile, and save them to a Notion database.

For this Playbook to work, you'll first need to set up a Notion database, then map data from Gmail to Notion by opening the Playbook in the Builder. You can read more about the full process here. Once the Notion database is specified, you can just go to a Gmail thread, launch the Playbook, and your contacts will be added without a hitch!

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Automation #6: Copy all browser tabs to Notion

Whenever surfing the web, we’ve all come across that moment where we realize, ‘I just have too many browser tabs open!’ Besides filling up the RAM in your computer and slowing it down, it can also lead to mental overload.

Of course, you don’t want to individually copy and paste all those browser tabs into Notepad or something. With Bardeen, you can save all active browser tabs into a Notion database with a single click! Bardeen is a Chrome extension that automates your repetitive tasks without code. It runs locally in your browser, so your data never leaves you.

To use this Playbook, be sure to create a specific Notion database that will store the tab-related data like title and link and then map them to the relevant columns. Once launched, it will capture the data of all active tabs and save them to the database.

This way, you can make sure you’re focusing on what you want to do, and still be able to revisit those tabs later since they’re safely tucked away in Notion. Goodbye, FOMO! However, if you just want to save the currently opened tab to Notion instead of all of them.

Automation #7: Create recurring tasks

All the automations we talked about above are Playbooks. These are automations that can be launched manually. But remember we mentioned Autobooks before? Well, Autobooks are automations that can be triggered automatically without a click!

One of the best uses of an Autobook is for creating recurring tasks in Notion. Although most of our tasks are new and unique, there are some that never change: weekly reviews or meetings, doing laundry, picking up a new book, and more. For these kinds of tasks, which have a tendency to recur, you can skip the drudgery of adding them again and again by using Bardeen instead.

Watch how Renat sets up a ‘Report for YouTube’ recurring task in the video below.

Amazing, isn’t it? This way, you can just set it running once and the task will be added continuously until the Autobook is stopped. And it’s not limited to tasks either. You can also set up monthly or bi-weekly goals, like reading books or working out!

Automation #8: Send SMS notifications

Now that you’ve got the hang of Autobooks, let’s talk more about them.

Another great use of Autobooks is getting a custom SMS notification from Bardeen. By default, this Autobook sends you an SMS whenever a Notion page is created or updated. To do this, you need to specify a notion database to track and add the phone number you want to receive the SMS.

Like all things with Bardeen, it’s highly customizable. Besides setting up a conditional block, you can also customize the notification message and the trigger to your liking. Do you use Notion to track habits? In that case, you can set it up to send you an SMS notification every day to log your progress.

You might also have another question: is it possible to receive this notification on another platform except SMS? Yes, totally! You can create a custom Autobook from scratch to get a similar notification on email or Slack. Watch how Renat does this here.

Automation #9: Send an email to create a new task in Notion

Ever wished that you could send an email and it would be directly added to a Notion database of choice?

There’s a magical feature in Bardeen called ‘When Email Is Sent To My Trigger Address Trigger Word’ which can be used for this exact purpose. You can watch our video on how to set up this custom automation here.

As you can see, first you need to specify a trigger word. After you have the email address with the trigger word, you can create a new action. In this case, Renat uses the ‘Create Notion Page to Database’ action. Once the details are set up, you can see that he sends an email and it is added to a Notion database! Of course, as you might’ve guessed, you can add a different type of action too, and customize it further. The sky's the limit!

This only scratches the surface!

After reading about the above nine automations, you might be excited about all the time-saving possibilities in store for you. But, guess what? These are just nine automations, and Bardeen has hundreds more to offer!

You can browse all of these on the Playbooks page. If you have a specific automation idea, you can even go ahead and create it by yourself using the Builder.

We believe that automating and streamlining Notion is a continuous process of experimentation and improvement. If you’re interested in that, you’ll love the Notion Automations Hub. Packed with more than fifty automations, several pre-built databases, and access to Notion experts, it has everything you need to become a Notion Jedi!

To be able to use Playbooks with Notion, you’ll first need to install Bardeen in Chrome.


People often stay away from automating mundane parts of their workflow because they feel like it’s complicated. With Bardeen, it’s as simple as it gets! When you combine the versatility of Notion with the automation power of Bardeen, you can free up a bunch of your time and get excellent results.

Now, the first thing you need to do is go ahead and test out one of these automations. You’ll love it and want to try out others or make your own too!

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