Actions & Triggers

Bardeen provides two types of automations called Playbooks and Autobooks.

Playbooks are automations that you launch manually. And Autobooks are the automations that get triggered automatically when something happens or on a specific date / time.

All automations are just a series of actions connected to each other.
Triggers tell the automation when it has to start the series of actions.
Google Calendar

Sync Notion with Google Calendar Events

Seamlessly sync your Notion tasks and Google Calendar events for a unified scheduling experience. Bardeen's integration ensures your plans are always aligned, automatically updating both platforms in real-time. Enhance productivity and never miss a beat with Bardeen.

Why automate Google Calendar and Notion workflows?

how does bardeen work?

Your proactive teammate — doing the busywork to save you time

Integrate your apps and websites

Use data and events in one app to automate another. Bardeen supports an increasing library of powerful integrations.

Perform tasks & actions

Bardeen completes tasks in apps and websites you use for work, so you don't have to - filling forms, sending messages, or even crafting detailed reports.

Combine it all to create workflows

Workflows are a series of actions triggered by you or a change in a connected app. They automate repetitive tasks you normally perform manually - saving you time.

Available actions & triggers

App Name Icon
App Name Icon
Fnd Notion database
Create simple event from text
When Notion page is updated
Delete calendar event
Create reminder in Google Calendar
Get access to Notion database
Find events in time period
Create event
Add participant to event
Navigates to database in browser
Find Slack users from Event
Delete Notion page
Get event title
Update Notion page
Delete database
Get last event
Create Notion page
Get all events
Get event duration
Add description to event
When next event starts
Add database to page
Open Notion database
Open Notion page
Find next event
When Notion page is created or updated
Find Notion pages


How does Bardeen integrate Google Calendar with Notion?

Bardeen integrates Google Calendar and Notion by using their APIs, allowing users to streamline their schedules and tasks across both platforms, enhancing productivity and efficiency in their workspace.

What can Bardeen’s automations do with Google Calendar and Notion?

Bardeen's automations make meeting management seamless between Google Calendar and Notion. You can automatically create a Notion page for a meeting, join meetings with Notion notes ready or copy all meetings to Notion. Ideal for entrepreneurs striving for efficiency.

Why should I automate my tasks in Google Calendar?

Automating tasks in Google Calendar can be an absolute game-changer in terms of saving time and amplifying your impact across various roles. For instance, recruiters can easily schedule interviews and follow-ups, ensuring a seamless candidate experience. Founders can automate meeting reminders, freeing up mental space for strategic decision-making. Sales teams can schedule calls or demos with potential clients, ensuring no opportunity is missed. Automating these tasks enables productivity, allows more focus on core responsibilities, and ultimately, ensures a smoother workflow, regardless of your role.

Why should I automate my tasks in Notion?

Automating your tasks in Notion can dramatically enhance your productivity and the impact of your work. For productivity-focused professionals, it means the end of repetitive task creation and update management. You save precious time, allowing you to focus on more crucial, high-level thinking tasks. Founders can automate project updates or team task assignments, ensuring smooth operations. Developers can benefit from automated documentation updates, reducing the chance of errors or knowledge gaps. By automating tasks in Notion, you streamline workflows, increase efficiency, and free up time to focus on what truly matters, your business growth and success.

Can you add Google Calendar to Notion?

Yes, you can integrate Google Calendar with Notion using the automation software, Bardeen. It's user-friendly and offers an indefinite free tier.

Can you sync Notion with Google?

Yes, you can sync Notion with Google Calendar using automation software like Bardeen, which simplifies the process and even offers an indefinite free tier.

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