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Create job entry to Notion
Create job entry to Notion
Create job entry to Notion
Create job entry to Notion

Create job entry to Notion

This playbook will create a new job entry in a Notion database.

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This automation allows you to create a new job entry with a shortcut. It's a form that you can fill out on any website at once. This way you don’t need to switch tabs back and forth 10 times. All the data will be sent directly to your Notion.

Step 1: Set up a job tracking template in Notion

First, you will need to set up a Notion database for your jobs. You can create one from scratch or duplicate our template optimized for this use case.

Step 2: Run the Playbook

Click the “Pin it” button at the top of this page to get this automation saved to your Playbooks.

The first time you run it, you will be asked to configure the Notion where to send the information.

Click on “Save Input” and checkmark Airtable. You can Edit Inputs later by covering over the playbook. 

When you run this, you'll be asked to fill out the following fields.

  • Position
  • Company
  • Job Listing URL
  • Contact for the job

Optional: Add customized fields to this automation

You can add custom fields to this form. For example, how excited are you about this position? Let's make this an option that we can fill out.

Hover over the Playbook card and click on “Open Playbook in Builder.”

Find the “Create a Notion page” action and click on it. From there, we can "create new columns."

You can make some column values to be fixed such as Source = "Manually added.” Alternatively, you can input new data every time you run the automation. Click on the "Ask me every time" argument.


Now, save the Playbook and close the builder. 

Have fun using your customized playbook!

Explore more integration alternatives for Notion integrations or adapt the playbook to better suit your individualized workflow preferences.

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Action Flow


When running a Play- or Autobook you'll be asked for following information:

You can also edit the playbook and add your next action to further customize the automation.

Read more about how to connect Notion and .

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September 13, 2023

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