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Create recurring Notion tasks
Create recurring Notion tasks
Create recurring Notion tasks
Create recurring Notion tasks

Create recurring Notion tasks

This Autobook will help you create tasks periodically on Notion.

Bardeen automates your repetitive tasks without code.
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We all have recurring tasks in our lives, such as daily habits or work-related tasks like weekly reports. And if you want your Task Management System to reflect these recurring tasks, this Autobook is for you.

This automation helps you create tasks periodically on a Notion database.

Let’s set this automation up.

Step 1: Set up your Notion database 

The first step is to set up a Notion database for your tasks. You can create one from scratch or duplicate our template optimized for this use case.

Bardeen will save all your recurring tasks at your chosen interval here.

Step 2: Set up the automation

Click the “Pin it” button at the top of this page to get this Autobook saved. You will be redirected to download the browser extension if you don’t have the Bardeen extension installed. Bardeen will also prompt you to integrate Notion.

After you integrate Notion, Bardeen will ask how often you want a new Notion page to be created and your database. You will then get a prompt to map the information to the fields in Notion

The left side consists of all the fields Bardeen will create for you. On the right side, specify the fields in Notion that you want to associate with the information on the left. If you don’t want a piece of information, leave that field empty, and it will be skipped. That’s it!

Step 3: Try it!

Toggle on the automation to activate it. 

💪 Pro Tip: To learn what else you can automate with Notion, check out our Notion Automation Guide.

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