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May 22, 2024
Devansh Kamdar
Devansh Kamdar
Content Writer
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Recently, OpenAI and ChatGPT have been all over the news. We’ve all heard that ChatGPT is a powerful tool capable of accomplishing various tasks, but most people are still just scratching the surface of what it is capable of.

If you want to leverage this powerful tool to boost your productivity and get the most out of it, this article includes everything you need to know to go from beginner to pro! After you’re done reading this article, you’ll be able to use ChatGPT to brainstorm ideas, translate languages, and generate content.

You can automate many tasks that uses ChatGPT with Bardeen!

What is ChatGPT?

Before we discuss how to use ChatGPT, let’s look at what it is and how it works. So, ChatGPT is an advanced language model. It is trained on a vast corpus of text from the internet and uses a combination of pattern recognition, language modeling, and deep learning techniques to generate meaningful text.

To use ChatGPT, you need to create an OpenAI account. It’s free to get started. Once your account is set up, you’ll see the ChatGPT homepage and can use it.

As you’ll soon learn, using ChatGPT isn’t as easy as it seems. You need to know how to craft effective prompts and optimize your settings to leverage it fully. So, let’s go through these steps in more detail.

Create an account

Before you can use ChatGPT, you need to create an OpenAI account. Go to this page (or download the ChatGPT iOS app) and click Try ChatGPT. Next, create a new account or sign in to an existing one.

To get the best ChatGPT experience, you can also opt for a ChatGPT Plus subscription. It’ll unlock many extra benefits like faster response times, access to new features, choice of models, multiple languages, and plugins.

Plugins bring extra capabilities to ChatGPT, like travel booking and online shopping. One of the first few plugins that got released was Bardeen. See this article to learn more about the Bardeen ChatGPT plugin

Craft effective prompts

Crafting effective prompts for ChatGPT can significantly enhance the quality and relevance of the model’s responses. 

Here are some example prompts you can get started with.


  • “I’m starting a tech startup and need advice on securing funding for my venture. What are some effective fundraising strategies and resources I should explore to attract investors and raise capital for my business?"
  • “I have an online store and want to optimize my product pages for better conversions. What are some key elements and techniques to consider when designing product descriptions, images, and call-to-action buttons?”
  • “I run a retail store and want to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. What are some customer-centric strategies and best practices I can implement to enhance the overall shopping experience and increase repeat business?”


  • “I’m launching a new product and want to create a strong online presence. Can you suggest some digital marketing strategies and platforms that can help me increase brand awareness and drive targeted traffic to my website?”
  • “I work for a B2B company and need to improve our lead generation efforts. What are some effective lead generation techniques and tools that can help us identify and attract potential clients in our industry?”
  • “I’m interested in incorporating influencer marketing into my marketing strategy. Can you provide guidance on finding the right influencers for my brand, negotiating partnerships, and measuring the effectiveness of influencer campaigns?”

Content creation

  • “I’m starting a blog for my business and need assistance with content planning and organization. How can I create an effective content calendar and develop a content strategy that aligns with my brand's goals and target audience?”
  • “I’m interested in leveraging video content for my social media channels. Can you provide insights on video production, editing tools, and storytelling techniques that can help me create captivating and shareable videos to engage my audience?”
  • “I’m looking to create a content marketing strategy that resonates with my target audience and drives conversions. Can you provide insights on identifying audience pain points, creating buyer personas, and developing content that addresses their needs throughout the customer journey?”

If the model's response differs from what you expected, ask it to elaborate or dig deeper into specific aspects of your query. For more ChatGPT prompts, check out our ultimate AI automation guide.

Overall, try experimenting with different prompts, approaches, and variations to understand ChatGPT’s capabilities and how it responds to varying inputs. Plus, remember to evaluate and fact-check the information it provides.

Manage system messages and settings

You can also guide the behavior of ChatGPT by using system messages, which are high-level instructions placed in curly braces. For example, you can type “{You are a business expert.}” and set the context for the conversation.

Similarly, you can limit response length if you don’t want to get huge blocks of text as responses each time. For example, add “{Max tokens: 50}” in a system message to restrict the response length to 50 tokens.

Now, let’s talk about data security. When learning ChatGPT, you’ll often be told not to input personal details in your prompts. The reason behind this is that OpenAI uses your conversations as training data.

To ensure your privacy, here are the steps to disable it. First, open Settings, select Data controls, and toggle off Chat History & Training.

This setting doesn’t carry over to other browsers and devices where you also use ChatGPT, so you’ll have to change it for each one accordingly. To learn more about data controls, check this FAQ page.

Optimize your ChatGPT workflow

With the above information, you most likely know your way around ChatGPT. You know how to craft effective prompts, manage settings, and protect your data. But, automations can improve your workflow further.

Bardeen, a workflow automation extension in Chrome, is integrated with OpenAI and over fifty widely used apps, like Slack, Notion, and Pipedrive. It’s free to get started.

Here are our ChatGPT and OpenAI automations.

What if you want to save a ChatGPT response for later referral? With this automation, you can save a ChatGPT response as a ClickUp comment. The below automations are all just as handy, so feel free to give them a try.

We’ve also implemented GPT3 and GPT4 in our automations, letting you do everything from summarizing YouTube videos to composing emails. You can check this article to try out OpenAI automations. Here are a few.

Content creation

The best advancement AI has made recently is in content creation. With these automations, you can use AI to generate images, essays, and tweets.

Summarizing information

AI is excellent at going through large blocks of text and summarizing it. AI can do what takes us hours in seconds, so why not leverage it to save time? With these automations, you can summarize content (like web pages and YouTube videos) in your browser.

Sales prospecting

Leads always require a personal touch, but it’s impossible to manage them all manually. With this automation, you can leverage AI to send personalized outreach messages to your leads.

In addition to AI automations, Bardeen has many in-built AI features, like the Magic Box. With it, you can create automations using plain English. We’re going to introduce more such features, so stay tuned!


ChatGPT is mind-blowing but still hasn’t reached its full potential. Knowing how to use AI chatbots will be a hugely beneficial skill in the coming years. So take the first step now and sign up for ChatGPT.

If you’re excited about AI chatbots, why stop with ChatGPT? There are many other exciting AI chatbots out there, like Google Bard and Claude. Read this article to learn more about the best AI chatbots.

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