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May 22, 2024
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Many real estate agents struggle with managing their sales process efficiently, leading to missed opportunities and lost deals. Without a streamlined system in place, it becomes challenging to handle leads, track activities, and communicate.

Fortunately, Pipedrive offers an intuitive CRM platform with helpful features. It enables agents to build a custom sales pipeline tailored to their needs, manage leads, and automate tasks using AI.

Bardeen can help you with those repetitive tasks, if you use Airtable you can also try this automation:

In this article, we will look at how real estate agents can leverage Pipedrive to streamline their sales process, boost efficiency, and close more deals. Plus, how they can leverage workflow automation tools to optimize their workflow.

Why should real estate agents use Pipedrive?

So, as a real estate agent, why should you consider using Pipedrive? Pipedrive is a dynamic and specialized CRM solution that offers tailored features that align seamlessly with the unique demands of the real estate industry.

Let’s go through the main benefits.

  • Bring all your favorite apps together: In Pipedrive Marketplace, you can integrate apps into your Pipedrive account that can streamline your workflow. For apps that aren’t supported by Pipedrive, you can use an automation platform like Bardeen to bridge the gap. More on it later.
  • Input buyer and seller data: You can store and track data points related to each real estate deal, like closing attorney, home inspector, terminate inspector, lender, and more.
  • Gain insights from your data: Pipedrive’s reporting and analytics capabilities offer invaluable insights into your performance, enabling you to fine-tune your strategies and make data-driven decisions.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface: Pipedrive allows you to spend less time doing busywork and more time doing high-value work.
  • Scale easily: Since Pipedrive is designed to be scalable, it’ll adapt to your needs as you grow your team.
  • Work on the go: Pipedrive is also available on mobile apps (Android and iOS), so you can manage your real estate business comfortably when traveling.

In conclusion, Pipedrive is a powerful ally for real estate agents, revolutionizing their sales process, amplifying lead management, facilitating effective communication, and providing the tools needed to elevate their overall success in an increasingly competitive industry.

Getting started with Pipedrive

Here are the steps to get started with Pipedrive.

Create your Pipedrive account

The journey begins by setting up your Pipedrive account. Visit the Pipedrive website, click Try it free, and follow the sign-up process.

If this is your first time using Pipedrive, use the free trial initially to test the waters. Once you’re confident that you want to use it in the long term, you can upgrade your plan based on your requirements.

Once registered, you’ll gain access to a world of features designed to simplify your real estate operations! Let’s discuss how you can use them further.

Set up Pipedrive for real estate workflow

Pipedrive is highly customizable. As a real estate agent, you can make a custom sales pipeline, defining deal stages and categorizing leads, prospects, and clients. This ensures that no opportunity falls through the cracks, and agents can systematically prioritize and engage with leads. Here’s an example.

Keep in mind, tailoring Pipedrive to align with your real estate workflow is crucial. Based on the size of your operation, you can create multiple pipelines to manage different parts of your business, from listings to referrals to future prospects.

This segmentation enables a clear visual representation of your prospects’ journey. Before you begin this process, we recommend you map out how you want to design your sales pipeline. Ask yourself:

  • What are the different pipelines that you want to create?
  • Within each Pipeline, what are the different stages?
  • What are the tasks associated with each stage?
  • What information do you want to track in each stage?

Overall, Pipedrive is highly customizable, versatile, and flexible to your needs. If you take the time to learn how to leverage it fully, it can lead to several long-term benefits.

Integrate Pipedrive with other tools

As noted above, one of the best features of Pipedrive is its ability to connect to other popular apps. With these integrations, you can streamline your workflow and ensure quick access to all essential apps.

To check all available integrations, visit the Pipedrive Marketplace. Some of the best integrations are Google Meet, Zoom, PandaDoc, and Asana. These are all reliable and trusted apps, and you can bring them into your Pipedrive account.

Of course, there are many more integrations than mentioned above and Pipedrive regularly adds more. Check this article to learn about the best Pipedrive integrations for task management, automation, and marketing.

If there is an app that you’d like to connect to Pipedrive but it isn’t supported, you can opt for a workflow automation tool like Bardeen instead. It’s integrated with Pipedrive and over fifty unique websites and apps which aren’t supported natively by Pipedrive. We’ll talk more about it later.

Utilizing Pipedrive for lead management

Now, let’s talk about managing leads with Pipedrive. Efficient lead management is the cornerstone of real estate success, and Pipedrive excels in this arena by offering many helpful features.

  • Import and categorize leads: Pipedrive’s intuitive interface lets you categorize leads appropriately, making follow-up a breeze.
  • Automate lead distribution: Pipedrive allows you to assign leads to specific team members, ensuring a prompt response.
  • Nurture with precision: Tailored messages can keep potential clients engaged and informed, moving them closer to conversion. You can use Pipedrive to craft automated email sequences to nurture leads.
  • Effortless follow-ups: Pipedrive lets you schedule and track follow-ups effortlessly. Using this, you can stay on top of appointments, property showings, and client interactions with ease.

Utilizing Pipedrive’s lead management tools, you can transform your approach, cultivating a well-organized system that drives your real estate journey forward. See this article to learn more about lead management.

Automate your Pipedrive workflow using Bardeen

When you’re new to Pipedrive and just learning your way around it, it’s easy to oversee how many things you need to do manually. Over time, you’ll realize that many of the tasks you do don’t require any creativity and take away large chunks of time.

It’s wise to automate such tasks so you can focus on your goals instead. For this, you can use Bardeen, an AI-powered workflow automation extension in Chrome.

Bardeen is integrated with Pipedrive and over fifty other popular apps, like Notion, Google Sheets, and LinkedIn. It has some unique integrations that are relevant to real estate agents, like Redfin, Zillow, and You can use Bardeen automations to bridge the gap between these apps. Here are some of the best Pipedrive automations.

There’s no better way to learn about a lead’s interests and hobbies than checking their social media profiles. Use this automation to find the social profiles of a Pipedrive contact through Clearbit.

This automation allows you to copy a LinkedIn company to Pipedrive in just one click. You can also get a Pipedrive person link from a LinkedIn page and copy a LinkedIn profile to Pipedrive contacts. Check this article to learn more about how to integrate LinkedIn to Pipedrive.

One huge advantage of Bardeen is that it also has integration with OpenAI and gives you access to GPT for your workflows. Check this article to learn about the best OpenAI automations.

If you’ve received an email with valuable feedback or a complaint, use this automation. It’ll summarize the email and save it to Pipedrive, making it easier to access for your team.

We hope you liked these automations! Feel free to browse the catalog and find many more time-saving automations. Plus, check this article to learn more about native Pipedrive automations.


With so many real estate CRMs available on the market these days, Pipedrive offers an intuitive CRM platform with helpful features. Pipedrive is easy to use and implement into your existing system, and can save you significant time and effort over the long term. Ultimately, it’ll help you keep customers happy, close more deals, and grow your business.

To go a step further, you can also use Bardeen and leverage AI to optimize your workflow further. To see the results for yourself, try this Bardeen Pipedrive automation that summarizes an email using AI and saves it to Pipedrive!

Beyond real estate, you can also leverage AI to nurture your leads into clients, automating tasks like lead scoring, data enrichment, and smart insights. Check this article to learn about five AI-powered lead management platforms.

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