10 Best Pipedrive integrations to turbocharge your workflows

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May 22, 2024
Renat Gabitov
Renat Gabitov
Product & Marketing
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Pipedrive is a CRM designed from the sales persons’ perspective. And you don’t need to be an expert to start leveraging time-saving integrations that eliminate manual work. 

Sales reps still spend hours entering customers’ data and navigating their CRM environment. They manually create contracts and invoices for every deal they own.  Or constantly download and upload CSV files with new leads.  

Suboptimal, right? 

That's why in this article, we’ll explore these ten Pipedrive integrations that’ll supercharge your sales process and automate the manual tasks. 

And by the end of it, you'd have an airtight process that integrates with your tool stack.

Task Management Integrations: Trello, Asana, Google Suite

Navigating and managing tasks is particularly challenging when the sales team uses Pipedrive, and the rest of the company uses a project management software.
With task management integrations and Pipedrive, you don't have to navigate two separate task lists. You can automatically sync Pipedrive activities to your project management tool.


One of the leading project management tools for multi-team collaboration is Trello. 

Trello has fantastic teams features, in which you can assign tasks to a team and set up follow-up actions. 

For example, debugging a code could be sent to a "the-buggers" team on a Trello board while customer trends and analysis tasks could be assigned to a different team called ("Ana_list" or something) within the organization.

This way, everyone knows what their task is and can track said tasks till completion.

On the Pipedrive software, sales process and customized boards tasks can be assigned automatically with event triggers to various teams. Hence integrating Trello with Pipedrive gives a user access to these boards without leaving Pipedrive. 

Explore more Pipedrive and Trello integrations.


Among countless project management tools on the market, Asana stands out for small to large-scale teams.

People love Asana for its simplicity and design. 

There are board, list, and Gantt chart views.

When integrated with Pipedrive, Asana tasks will be automatically assigned to the relevant employee when specific conditions are met. 

For example: If customer purchases X product --> assign Y task to Monica. 

Explore more Pipedrive and Asana integrations.

Google Calendar

Speaking of Google, the master of all trades, Pipedrive allows for two-way sync of Google apps with a few clicks. 

Google Docs and Sheets allow you to access documents without shuffling tabs - right from your Pipedrive account.

With Google Maps, you can categorize customers by location. With Google Calendar, task and event reminders will popup minutes before your events and much more (check out the 13 best meeting automations to save you at least 1 hour/week).

Stop missing appointments by integrating Google Calendar with Pipedrive

Did you know that you can pull up Pipedrive contacts for a given calendar event

Automation Integrations: Bardeen, Zapier

Save even more time when automation meets automation. From setting triggers to transferring data between apps, you’ll eliminate repetitive tasks that halt your productivity.

Interconnect apps, streamline manual tasks, and build complex processes easily. 


Bardeen is a productivity tool to automate your repetitive tasks and control your web apps from anywhere.

With a keyboard shortcut, you can create a new Pipedrive contact from LinkedIn, associate an email with a deal, and create notes on the fly.

Bardeen also connects with your favorite web apps such as Google Calendar, Sheets, Gmail, Jira, and many others. 

Here are the most popular Pipedrive workflow automation examples to try:


With 2000+ apps, Zapier connects Pipedrive to your apps, even the most niche ones. 

To build a custom automation, set up a “trigger event” and an “action.”

This way, you can get leads from Optinmonster, pass on emails from Active Campaigns, add notes about meetings to the associated Pipedrive contact, and more. 

Automations with Zapier are created in Zapier, not in Pipedrive and does take a little bit of time to set up in the beginning.

Admin Integrations: Quickbooks, PandaDoc

Are you constantly following processes that distract you from selling? 

With these admin integrations, you can easily keep track of invoices sent to customers and manage all e-documents.

Set these automations to turn tasks that take 30-minute/deal to be completed with a few clicks.


A company is less likely to fail when finances are in-order. No need to pull your hear out; April comes. 

Creating invoices, receipts, and business expenses reports are critical to manage your books and expenses properly.

That’s where Quickbooks comes in.

When integrated with Pipedrive, you can effortlessly create custom invoices and access Quickbooks data under a Pipedrive deal. 


PandaDoc is an expert B2B e-signing solution software. 

It makes everything about creating, signing, and approving electronic documents 40% faster.

Quickbooks will create contracts automatically using your Pipedrive data (including products) and even follow up with leads if they haven’t reviewed or signed the docs. 

Marketing Integrations: MailChimp, Outfunnel, Lemlist

When prospecting tools are disconnected from CRM, you may face all sorts of task juggling and manual work.

Connect your lead generation and email marketing tools to Pipedrive to get this sorted once and for all.


Most small businesses collect leads using signup forms using tools like MailChimp.

MailChimp offers features such as email campaigns, segmenting leads into different categories, the ability to resend emails to customers with low open rates, and much more.

By integrating Pipedrive with Mailchimp, you will get your contacts automatically synced between the tools.


A whopping 60% of B2B organizations plan to invest in personalized emails by 2022. 

This French startup is bringing new ways to personalize outreach by personalize images! 

With Lemlist and Pipedrive, you can send personalized emails at scale, automate email campaigns and streamline your outreach process. 


Sales and marketing are like peanut butter and jelly. They always come together. 

And thanks to the Pipedrive-Outfunnel integration, user actions can be automatically logged to the appropriate contacts. 

This way, sales teams have reacher context about a prospect or an existing user, which they can leverage to customize their pitches.

Outfunnel seamlessly syncs all the user data: no-code and super beginner-friendly! 

Closing Notes

Doing sales is a herculean task. Statistically, more than half the sale rep’s is spent on non-sales activities.

Automating your sales processes and streamlining the data flow may be the one thing that gives your business a unique advantage over your competitors.

Whether you’re trying to have a more complete picture about your prospects or automate admin tasks, Pipedrive integrations will crush most of your manual workflows and empower you to do more of what you love: connecting with people and closing deals. 

Haven’t found a Pipedrive integration on this list for your use case? Explore the Pipedrive Marketplace.

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