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With over 756 million users and 57 million businesses, LinkedIn promises to be the most powerful platform for prospecting and research.

And as a Pipedrive user, you are working with one of the most robust CRM tools on the market.

In this article, you will discover how to automate LinkedIn activities and supercharge your sales process. 

LinkedIn + Pipedrive automations

LinkedIn is a go-to tool of every respectable sales rep. 

We use LinkedIn for identifying sales opportunities (prospecting). 

We also use LinkedIn to research people and companies to tailor our products and services.

And of course, we use LinkedIn for communication.

In other words, LinkedIn to a sales rep is what a sword is to a Viking 🗡 or Figma to a designer. But you already know that! 

Let’s take a look at making LinkedIn and Pipedrive work together. Seamlessly.

Save LinkedIn contacts and companies to Pipedrive

You need volume to meet your sales goals. 

But if you don’t follow up, what’s the point of outreach?

The first touchpoint on LinkedIn (or anywhere else for that matter) is just 1/5th of the lead’s potential

Tracking your outreach opportunities and follow-ups are the key!

So when you are manually prospecting on LinkedIn, you should log opportunities to your CRM. 

You can copy-paste data from LinkedIn to CRM the old-school way. Or you can automate this process with a click of a button. 

Try these automations:

Build a prospecting list

The automations above are the best for sniper salespeople. Meticulous and hyper-targeted.

But if you like going full Rambo at prospecting with the machine-gun approach, there is an automation for that too.

Navigate to LinkedIn search and set your search query. When ready, let’s extract a list of LinkedIn profile pages. 

We will get a list of LinkedIn profile URLs. 

You can then use services such as FindThatLead to discover emails from those LinkedIn profile page URLs in bulk. 

All in all, it takes ~2 min from start to finish to build a list for your prospecting outreach.

You can also use Scrabin for omnichannel outreach.

Look up social profiles of Pipedrive contacts

Let’s imagine for a second that your pipeline is already full!

You are Vin Diesel from the Boiler Room. You are the ABC guru. Congrats!

You don’t need to do qualification or prospecting, just closing. 

And to close better, researching contacts on social media is the key.

This automation will look up LinkedIn, Twitter, and Github profiles for you. 

So no Googling or pasting people’s names into every social media.  

Save LinkedIn messages to Pipedrive

One of the biggest challenges with every CRM is syncing communication across different channels.

And to be entirely fair, it’s tough to do given that messengers don’t open up data.

As a result, we are stuck with incomplete CRM records OR manually copy-pasting information... 

To make your life a bit easier, you can add any text to Pipedrive with a shortcut.

You can select text from LinkedIn messages and automatically get them sent to Pipedrive. You can do the same with Telegram, Facebook, or Gmail.

Try out this automation right from this page: 

LinkedIn + Pipedrive apps

We’ve covered the LinkedIn + Pipedrive use cases. Now, let’s take a look the best apps on the market.


Bardeen is a productivity tool to automate your repetitive tasks and control your web apps from anywhere.

With a keyboard shortcut, you can create a new Pipedrive contact from LinkedIn, associate an email with a deal, and create notes on the fly.

What makes Bardeen unique is that Bardeen works where you do. It’s always with you in your browser (and even outside of it). Launch Bardeen with Option + B shortcut, and launch Pipedrive playbooks with just one click. 

Bardeen also connects with your favorite web apps such as Google Calendar, Sheets, Gmail, Jira, and many others. 

You can also move data between apps and transfer all existing information from one app to another.

Cost: Free 

Explore all LinkedIn and PipeDrive integrations. Or Explore all PipeDrive integrations.


LeadJet connects sales activities between Pipedrive and LinkedIn.

It allows you to sync LinkedIn contacts to Pipedrive, add Pipedrive tags and add notes.

As a bonus, LeadJet has message templates, which will save you tons of time when communicating with folks on LinkedIn.



LinkMatch is a cheaper alternative to LeadJet with reduced functionality (and design). 

LinkMathc allows you to create contacts from LinkedIn as well as view and fill in additional information.

Cost: $10/month/user

Final thoughts

Having read to this point, here is what I want you to note. One hundred percent of your LinkedIn + Pipedrive workflows don't have to be manual!

The smoother your sales process, the more time and focus you have left to concentrate on building relationships and helping your leads solve their pains.

Need to automate something else in LinkedIn? 

Let us know, and we will build a custom automation for you!

Explore our complete Pipedrive Automations guide to supercharge your CRM workflows.

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