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HubSpot Academy Explained: Free Online Training for Professionals

Jason Gong
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April 15, 2024

HubSpot Academy is a free online educational platform offering training in inbound marketing, sales, and customer service, designed to help individuals and companies grow. It provides lessons, courses, certifications, bootcamps, and learning paths on various business skills, aiming to educate users on effectively using the HubSpot software.

  • Offers narrated videos, how-to tutorials, and hands-on activities.
  • Includes certifications, expert-led bootcamps, and learning paths.
  • Courses cover topics like Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, and more.
  • Entirely free and online, ideal for professional development and onboarding.

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What is HubSpot Academy?

HubSpot Academy is a comprehensive educational platform that offers free online training for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service professionals. It is designed to help individuals and companies grow by providing lessons, courses, certifications, bootcamps, and learning paths on a wide range of business skills. The Academy's mission is to transform the way people and companies grow by offering cutting-edge business education for the digital age. As HubSpot's official learning resource, it aims to educate users on the HubSpot software to market, sell, and grow an inbound business effectively.

HubSpot Academy includes narrated videos, how-to tutorials, and hands-on activities, making it a popular choice for marketing, sales, and service professionals worldwide. It offers role and topic-based self-paced learning content, certifications to validate knowledge and expertise, expert-led immersive and tactical training through bootcamps, curated role and topic-based guides through learning paths, and accreditations for accredited partners.

With courses on topics like Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Inbound Sales, Social Media, and more, HubSpot Academy is a valuable resource for professionals looking to advance their careers. The certifications offered are globally recognized, adding significant value to LinkedIn profiles and resumes. The Academy also facilitates professional growth by keeping individuals up-to-date on the latest trends in digital marketing, sales, customer support, and more.

HubSpot Academy's rich educational content offers extensive opportunities for automation, making it easier for users to integrate their learning and CRM activities effectively. Discover how with Bardeen's automation playbooks here.

HubSpot Academy's instructors are specialists in various fields, ensuring that learners receive high-quality, specialized knowledge in their areas of interest. The platform is entirely free and online, providing unlimited access to hundreds of topics. It is an excellent tool for accelerating onboarding for new employees, transitioning to new roles within marketing or sales departments, and enhancing skills with yearly refreshers through certification renewals.
Learn how to supercharge HubSpot with AI-powered automations by reading our latest blog post: AI CRM Automations for HubSpot.

For those interested in joining HubSpot Academy, signing up for free courses is straightforward. Visit HubSpot Academy's website to explore the available courses and certifications and start learning today.

Automate Your HubSpot Workflow with Bardeen Playbooks

HubSpot Academy's rich educational content offers extensive opportunities for automation, making it easier for users to integrate their learning and CRM activities effectively. By leveraging Bardeen's automation playbooks, users can streamline various tasks between HubSpot and other platforms, enhancing productivity and ensuring a seamless workflow.

  1. Create a HubSpot ticket from a tweet and its thread using OpenAI: This playbook automates the process of creating customer service tickets in HubSpot from Twitter threads, utilizing OpenAI for content analysis. It's particularly useful for social media managers and customer service teams looking to improve response times and customer engagement.
  2. Save a HubSpot company as a new Salesforce account: Streamline your CRM activities by automatically transferring company data from HubSpot to Salesforce. This playbook is ideal for sales teams seeking to maintain up-to-date account information across platforms.
  3. Generate a list of tasks from a HubSpot ticket using OpenAI: Enhance task management by extracting essential tasks from a HubSpot ticket's description using OpenAI. This playbook is great for project managers and teams looking to prioritize tasks and boost productivity.

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