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Find LinkedIn Emails: A Guide in 6 Steps

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February 8, 2024

Discovering someone's email on LinkedIn involves checking their profile, using Chrome extensions, B2B databases, email permutators, exporting connections, or direct messaging. Here's a quick guide:

  • Check the Contact Info section on LinkedIn profiles.
  • Utilize Chrome Extensions like UpLead and SalesQL.
  • Search through B2B contact databases such as FindEmails.
  • Try email permutators and verify with tools like

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How to Find Someone's Email on LinkedIn

Finding someone's email on LinkedIn can be crucial for networking, sales outreach, or job searching. There are several methods to uncover email addresses, ranging from direct LinkedIn features to third-party tools. This guide synthesizes various strategies to help you efficiently find email addresses on LinkedIn.

Checking Contact Info on LinkedIn Profiles

The most straightforward method is checking the Contact Info section of a user's LinkedIn profile. After sending a connection request that gets accepted, you can view the person's email if they've chosen to share it. This method is free and doesn't require external tools, but its success rate varies as not everyone lists their email address publicly.

Using Chrome Extensions for Email Finding

Chrome Extensions like UpLead, SalesQL, Skrapp, and AeroLeads can simplify the process by showing email addresses directly on LinkedIn profiles. These tools cross-reference LinkedIn profiles against their databases to provide verified emails. While convenient, use these extensions cautiously as LinkedIn's terms restrict the use of third-party tools. A Sales Navigator subscription can mitigate the risk of account flagging.

Utilizing B2B Contact Databases

External B2B contact databases such as FindEmails, Clearbit Prospector, and Anymail Finder allow you to search for email addresses using a prospect's full name and company name. These tools offer bulk search capabilities, making the process more efficient than individual searches. However, always verify the email addresses due to potential data outdatedness.

Email Permutators and Verification

Email Permutators generate possible email addresses based on known patterns. Tools like Email Address Guesser and Email Permutator Spreadsheet can help, but you'll need to manually verify each generated email. Verification tools like can check the authenticity of these addresses, reducing the risk of sending emails to invalid addresses.

Exporting LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn allows you to export your connections, providing a file with names, companies, and email addresses of your first-degree connections. This method is useful for those with an extensive LinkedIn network, offering a direct way to access emails without external tools. However, it's limited to your direct connections and requires consent from users to share their email addresses.

Direct Messaging on LinkedIn

If other methods fail, consider sending a personalized message to your prospect on LinkedIn, politely asking for their email address. Crafting a message that shows genuine interest and offers value increases the likelihood of a positive response. This approach requires more effort but can lead to direct engagement with your prospect.

Each method has its advantages and limitations. Combining these strategies, verifying the email addresses you find, and respecting LinkedIn's terms of use will enhance your success in finding someone's email on LinkedIn.

Automate LinkedIn Email Searches with Bardeen

Finding someone's email on LinkedIn is essential for networking, sales outreach, or job searching. While manual methods exist, automating this process can vastly increase efficiency and accuracy. Bardeen offers powerful automation playbooks that make finding emails on LinkedIn seamless and straightforward.

By automating the process, you can quickly gather email addresses without the manual effort, allowing you to focus on creating meaningful connections. Here are some examples of how Bardeen can automate email finding on LinkedIn:

  1. Send an email to the currently opened LinkedIn user: This playbook allows you to quickly send a personalized email to a LinkedIn profile you are viewing, streamlining outreach and communication.
  2. Find email from the currently opened LinkedIn profile page: Automate the process of finding an email address from a LinkedIn profile, saving time and ensuring you can connect with your desired contacts more efficiently.

These playbooks demonstrate the power of automation in enhancing your LinkedIn networking strategy. Start automating your LinkedIn tasks by downloading the Bardeen app at

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