Outreach.io Cost in 2024: Pricing Plans and Hidden Fees

Jason Gong
July 5, 2024

Outreach.io offers four pricing tiers from Standard to Unlimited.

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Are you considering Outreach.io for your sales engagement needs but unsure about the pricing? With various plans and features available, it's crucial to understand the costs involved to make an informed decision. In 2023, 67% of sales teams reported using sales engagement platforms like Outreach.io to streamline their processes and boost productivity.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll break down Outreach.io's pricing tiers, compare the features included in each plan, and discuss potential discounts for annual contracts. We'll also cover hidden costs and additional expenses you might encounter when implementing Outreach.io.

By the end of this guide, you'll have a clear understanding of how much Outreach.io costs and which plan best suits your team's needs and budget. Get ready to make a confident decision and take your sales engagement to the next level!

Outreach.io's 4 Pricing Tiers: Standard to Unlimited

Outreach.io offers four pricing tiers to fit the needs of various sales teams:

1. Standard Plan

The entry-level plan with core sales engagement features like sequences, analytics, and integrations. Ideal for small teams getting started with sales automation.

2. Professional Plan

Unlocks advanced capabilities such as AI-powered email assist, conversation intelligence, and custom reporting. Suitable for growing teams that need more robust tools.

3. Enterprise Plan

Tailored for larger organizations with complex requirements. Includes premium support, dedicated success manager, and enterprise-grade security and compliance features.

4. Unlimited Plan

The top-tier package with unlimited sequences, users, and support. Designed for enterprises with extensive sales teams and high-volume outreach needs.

While Outreach.io doesn't publicly disclose pricing, plans are billed annually and start at around $100 per user per month. Potential discounts may be available for longer-term contracts.

The key takeaway is that Outreach.io provides flexible packages to accommodate various team sizes and requirements, from basic sales engagement to unlimited enterprise-level features.

Next, we'll explore the hidden costs and additional expenses you should be aware of when budgeting for Outreach.io.

3 Hidden Outreach.io Costs to Watch Out For

While Outreach.io's pricing plans cover the core features, there are several additional expenses to consider that can significantly increase the total cost of using the platform:

1. Implementation and Onboarding Fees ($1,000 to $8,000)

Getting started with Outreach.io often involves substantial implementation and onboarding fees. These one-time costs can range from $1,000 for basic setup to $8,000 for more complex deployments.

For example, a mid-sized sales team may need to budget $3,000-$5,000 for initial configuration, data migration, and training. Larger enterprises could face even higher implementation expenses.

2. Integration Costs for CRMs and Other Tools

Outreach.io offers integrations with popular CRMs like Salesforce, but connecting these systems can come with additional fees. Depending on the complexity of your tech stack, integration costs can add hundreds or thousands of dollars to your total investment.

If you rely heavily on other sales tools, carefully evaluate any extra charges associated with linking them to Outreach.io. Some integrations may require professional services or development work, further increasing expenses.

3. Advanced Training and Support

While basic support is included in Outreach.io plans, many teams need more extensive training and ongoing assistance to fully leverage the platform. Advanced support packages, dedicated success managers, and supplemental training sessions can meaningfully add to your costs.

For instance, an enterprise sales organization may spend $10,000+ per year on premium support, customized training, and strategic consulting from the Outreach.io team to ensure their large-scale deployment delivers maximum ROI.

The main takeaway is that Outreach.io's base pricing doesn't always reflect the true total cost of ownership. Carefully assess potential hidden fees for implementation, integrations, and support when budgeting for the platform.

Thanks for sticking with us this far! While it may seem like a lot to take in, being aware of these additional costs is crucial for making an informed investment in Outreach.io. Your finance team will appreciate the due diligence!

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Understanding Outreach.io's cost structure is crucial for making an informed investment decision and budgeting effectively for your sales team. In this guide, you discovered:

  • The breakdown of Outreach.io's pricing tiers and the features included in each
  • Hidden costs and additional expenses to watch out for when budgeting for Outreach.io

By becoming an expert on Outreach.io's pricing, you can avoid unexpected expenses and ensure your sales team has the tools they need to succeed - without breaking the bank! For help with this, consider sales prospecting tools to streamline your budgeting.

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