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Extract Date & Time from Google Sheets: A Step-by-Step Guide

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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Google Sheets
April 15, 2024

Extracting date and time from Google Sheets involves using functions like SPLIT and INT, or by customizing cell formats. Methods include splitting timestamps, isolating date or time components, and applying specific date/time formats for display flexibility.

These techniques enable precise data manipulation and presentation in Google Sheets.

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Google Sheets Extract Date from Timestamp

To extract the date from a timestamp in Google Sheets, you can use various methods. One common approach is the SPLIT function. For example, if you have a timestamp in cell A2, you can type '=SPLIT(A2, " ")' in cell B2. This formula will split the timestamp at the space, placing the date in cell B2 and the time in cell C2. Another method involves the INT function, which can be used to extract the date part of a timestamp by rounding down to the nearest whole number. For instance, '=INT(A2)' in cell B2 will give you the date component of the timestamp in cell A2. Remember to adjust the cell format to Date after using the INT function to ensure the output is displayed correctly.

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Google Sheets Extract Time from Datetime

To extract the time from a datetime value in Google Sheets, you can subtract the INT part of the datetime from the original datetime value. For example, if you have a datetime in cell A2, typing '=A2-INT(A2)' in cell C2 will give you the time component. Ensure you format cell C2 as Time to display the output correctly. This method effectively isolates the time part by removing the date component.

How to Separate Date and Time in Google Sheets

Separating date and time in Google Sheets can be achieved through functions or by changing cell formats. The SPLIT function is a straightforward way to divide a timestamp into separate date and time components by using a space as the delimiter. Alternatively, using the INT function for the date and subtracting this value from the original datetime to get the time are effective methods. Additionally, you can use the Format menu to change the cell format to either Date or Time, depending on what component you need to extract. This approach does not require formulas but changes how the data is displayed.

Google Sheets Date Time Format

Formatting date and time in Google Sheets can be customized through the Format menu. To apply a specific date or time format, select the cells you wish to format, go to Format > Number, and choose from the available date or time formats. For more customized options, select More Formats > More date and time formats. Here, you can create your own format by combining different date and time components. This feature allows for a high degree of flexibility in how you display datetime values in your sheets.

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Automate Google Sheets with Bardeen Playbooks

While extracting date and time from Google Sheets can be handled manually using various functions, automating this process can significantly enhance productivity and accuracy. Bardeen offers innovative solutions to automate tasks involving Google Sheets, streamlining data management tasks without the need for complex formulas or manual data entry.

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  2. Copy Google News for a keyword and save results to Google Sheets: Tailored for targeted news collection, this playbook extracts Google News results based on specified keywords and saves them into Google Sheets, enabling focused research and data aggregation.
  3. Get data from the currently opened Youtube history page and save to Google Sheets: Ideal for content creators and marketers, this playbook extracts data from the YouTube history page, providing insights into viewing trends and preferences directly in Google Sheets.

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