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Extract Data from Google Sheets: A Complete Guide (2024)

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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Google Sheets
March 10, 2024

Extract data from Google Sheets using web scraping, Google Sheets API, built-in functions, or add-ons. Choose the method that best fits your needs, from simple IMPORT functions to advanced API interactions.

This guide covers everything from basic data extraction to complex programmable methods, ensuring you can efficiently manage and analyze your data.

Automate data extraction and analysis with Bardeen to save time and reduce errors.

How to Extract Data from Google Sheets

Extracting data from Google Sheets can be accomplished through various methods, including web scraping, using the Google Sheets API, and utilizing built-in functions or add-ons. Each method serves different needs, from pulling data from websites directly into your spreadsheet to programmatically accessing and manipulating spreadsheet data, or extracting specific types of data from cells.

Automate your Google Sheets tasks and save time with Bardeen. Discover how at Bardeen's Google Sheets integration.

Google Sheets Extract Data from Website

Google Sheets provides functions that allow users to scrape data from websites directly into a spreadsheet. These functions include IMPORTHTML, IMPORTXML, IMPORTDATA, and REGEXEXTRACT. They are useful for extracting tables, lists, and specific data points from web pages without the need for coding.

  • To extract tables or lists using IMPORTHTML, use the syntax:
    '=IMPORTHTML("URL", "query", index)'
  • To extract data from XML pages with IMPORTXML, use:
    '=IMPORTXML("URL", "xpath_query")'
  • To pull data from CSV or TSV files via IMPORTDATA, apply:
  • For extracting data matching a regular expression pattern, REGEXEXTRACT is used:
    '=REGEXEXTRACT(text, "regular_expression")'

These functions are straightforward and do not require additional tools or coding knowledge, making them accessible for users of all levels.

Google Sheets API

The Google Sheets API offers a more advanced and flexible way to interact with your spreadsheets programmatically. It allows for creating, reading, and updating spreadsheets in an automated manner. This is particularly useful for integrating Google Sheets with other applications, automating workflows, and managing large datasets.

To use the Google Sheets API, you need to:

  1. Enable the API in the Google Developers Console.
  2. Authenticate using OAuth 2.0.
  3. Use the API to perform operations such as reading and writing data, formatting cells, and managing sheets.

The API provides a comprehensive way to manipulate spreadsheet data programmatically, but it requires some programming knowledge and setup.

How to Extract Data from Google Sheets

Within Google Sheets itself, you can extract data from cells using various built-in functions:

  • Smart chips allow for extracting data such as file names, creation times, and more from embedded objects within your spreadsheet.
  • Functions like SPLIT, INDEX, MATCH, and QUERY can be used to manipulate and extract data based on specific criteria.

These methods are useful for internal data manipulation and require no external tools or services.

Extract Data from Google Sheets

For more complex data extraction needs, third-party add-ons like Ablebits' Power Tools offer specialized functions for extracting text, numbers, links, and more from cells. These add-ons provide user-friendly interfaces and additional functionalities not available through native Google Sheets functions.

Using add-ons can significantly enhance your data manipulation capabilities within Google Sheets, allowing for efficient extraction, transformation, and analysis of data.

Explore how to automate Google Sheets and enhance your productivity with useful add-ons on our blog: Google Sheets Addons, Google Sheet Automations, and more available at Google Sheets Automations.

Whether you're scraping data from websites, accessing spreadsheet data programmatically, or extracting specific information from cells, Google Sheets offers a range of solutions to meet various data extraction needs.

Automate Google Sheets Data Extraction with Bardeen

Extracting data from Google Sheets can be a manual process, involving functions and formulas, or it can be fully automated using Bardeen's integration with Google Sheets. Automating data extraction can save time, reduce errors, and allow for real-time data analysis. For example, automating the extraction of news articles or scholarly articles directly into Google Sheets can keep you updated with the latest information without manual intervention.

Here are examples of how Bardeen automates data extraction from Google Sheets:

  1. Save data from the Google News page to Google Sheets: This playbook automates the collection of news data from Google News, saving it directly into Google Sheets. Ideal for keeping up with current events related to your interests or industry.
  2. Get data from Crunchbase links and save the results to Google Sheets: For those involved in market research or investment, this playbook extracts data from Crunchbase directly into Google Sheets, streamlining competitor analysis and market overview.
  3. Extract Scholarly Articles from Google Scholar to Google Sheets: Researchers and academics will find this playbook invaluable for automating the collection of scholarly article data into Google Sheets, facilitating literature reviews and research tracking.

To explore more about how Bardeen can automate your data extraction processes and increase your productivity, download the app at

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