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Customizing Pipedrive: Add Fields & Dashboards in 5 Steps

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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April 15, 2024

Customize your Pipedrive CRM by adding custom fields, creating tailored dashboards, and adjusting settings to align with your sales process. Tailor pipelines, stages, activities, and integrate with other tools for a seamless experience. Automate these tasks with Bardeen to enhance productivity and focus more on selling.

Streamline your CRM management and ensure it meets your evolving business needs.

Enhance your sales efficiency by automating CRM updates with Bardeen.

Pipedrive Customize Dashboard

To customize your Pipedrive dashboard, start by navigating to the Insights section and selecting "+ Dashboard." You can then name your dashboard and begin adding reports. Reports can be added either by dragging them from the Insights section or by opening a report and selecting "Add to dashboard." Customize the layout by resizing, moving, or deleting reports. Use filters like "Period" or "User" to display specific data. Dashboards can be shared internally with team members or externally via a public link. Additionally, you can export your dashboard as a PDF or PNG for offline viewing.

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How to Add a Custom Field in Pipedrive

To add a custom field in Pipedrive, go to Settings > Company > Data fields and click "Add custom field." Choose the category (Lead/Deal, Person, Organization, Product, or Project) for your field. Name the field and select its type (e.g., text, date, dropdown). You can also specify field properties, such as visibility in detail view and whether it appears in the "Add new" dialog. Custom fields can be made required or important for specific pipelines or stages. Additionally, you can organize custom fields into groups for better management.

Pipedrive Customization

Customization in Pipedrive extends beyond dashboards and custom fields. You can tailor your CRM to fit your sales process by customizing pipelines, stages, and activities. Pipedrive allows for the creation of multiple pipelines, each with its own set of stages to reflect different sales processes. Activity types can be customized to match the tasks your team performs. Integrating with other tools through Pipedrive's Marketplace or API further customizes your experience, enabling automation and data synchronization across platforms. Remember to regularly review and adjust your customizations to align with evolving business needs.

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Pipedrive Settings

Pipedrive settings are accessible by clicking on your profile picture and selecting "Company settings" or "Personal preferences." Company settings allow you to manage general company information, activity types, currencies, and custom lost reasons. Personal preferences let you adjust account details, linked companies, and API keys. Interface preferences, found under personal settings, enable customization of keyboard shortcuts, default landing pages, and navigation bar options. These settings ensure that Pipedrive aligns with both individual user needs and overall company objectives.

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Automate Your Pipedrive Workflows with Bardeen

Adding and customizing your Pipedrive setup is crucial for tailoring the CRM to fit your unique sales processes. While these tasks can be done manually, automating them with Bardeen can significantly enhance productivity, ensuring your sales team spends more time selling and less time on administrative tasks.

Here are examples of automations that can be built using Bardeen's playbooks:

  1. Add an activity to a Pipedrive deal: This playbook automates the addition of activities to deals, streamlining task management within your sales pipeline.
  2. Create a Pipedrive note associated with a person: Automatically create and associate detailed notes with contacts in Pipedrive, enhancing relationship management.
  3. Save Crunchbase company to Pipedrive: Seamlessly transfer company information from Crunchbase to Pipedrive, optimizing prospect research.

By leveraging these automations, you can ensure your Pipedrive CRM is always up-to-date with minimal effort. Download the Bardeen app to get started.

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