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LinkedIn Web Scraping Guide: Tools & Best Practices

Jason Gong
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April 15, 2024

Web scraping LinkedIn requires automated tools or scripts to extract user profiles, job listings, and company information, respecting LinkedIn's scraping policy to avoid legal issues. Tools like PhantomBuster and Magical offer ethical, efficient scraping solutions. It's crucial to scrape data ethically, within LinkedIn's rate limits, and only extract publicly available data.

Streamline your LinkedIn data collection and analysis efforts by automating your LinkedIn scraping tasks with Bardeen, directly integrating with platforms like Google Sheets and Notion.

How to Web Scrape LinkedIn

Web scraping LinkedIn involves using automated tools or scripts to extract valuable data such as user profiles, job listings, and company information from the LinkedIn platform. This data can be used for various purposes including lead generation, talent sourcing, and competitor analysis. However, it's crucial to understand the best practices for efficient data extraction and to be aware of LinkedIn's scraping policy to avoid any legal issues.

Web scraping LinkedIn can significantly enhance your data collection efforts. Automate the process with Bardeen and save tons of time. Download now.

LinkedIn Scraping Tools

There are numerous LinkedIn scraping tools available, catering to diverse needs and skill levels. These tools can be broadly categorized into proxy-based, cookie-based, and browser-extension LinkedIn scrapers. Proxy-based scrapers, such as Bright Data and NetNut, use their own proxy infrastructure to extract data, making them suitable for high-volume scraping. Cookie-based tools, like PhantomBuster, use your browser cookie to extract data and are ideal for low-volume, non-critical data collection. Browser-extension tools are activated while browsing LinkedIn and are best for smaller scraping tasks.

LinkedIn Web Scraping Policy

LinkedIn's official stance on data scraping is clear; the platform discourages it and has taken measures to prevent unauthorized data extraction. LinkedIn's User Agreement prohibits the use of any third-party software, including crawlers, bots, and browser extensions that scrape or automate activity on LinkedIn's website. Violating these terms can result in account restrictions or shutdowns. It's essential to respect LinkedIn's policy and ensure that any scraping activity is conducted ethically and legally.

How to Scrape LinkedIn Data

Scraping LinkedIn data legally involves respecting the platform's rate limits and avoiding unethical scraping practices. LinkedIn uses algorithms to detect unauthorized scraping, setting rate limits based on the type of your account. Staying within these limits and using scraping tools committed to ethical standards can protect you from LinkedIn's algorithm. When scraping, it's crucial to only extract publicly available data and avoid creating fake accounts or bypassing LinkedIn's payment systems.

Two popular tools for LinkedIn data scraping are PhantomBuster and Magical. PhantomBuster offers a cloud-based software with pre-made automations for scraping LinkedIn and other social media channels. It requires little to no setup and is known for its ethical scraping practices. Magical, on the other hand, is a no-code automation tool that allows users to scrape LinkedIn data directly from individual profiles with just a click. Both tools emphasize the importance of ethical scraping and provide users with the means to extract LinkedIn data efficiently and legally.

Learn how to scrape without code and integrate with your favorite work apps with Bardeen's no-code scraper tool. Find out more.

Legal Considerations for LinkedIn Scraping

While LinkedIn discourages scraping, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that scraping public data from websites is not prohibited by any federal law. However, scraping LinkedIn in a way that violates its User Agreement or involves unethical practices can lead to legal issues. It's crucial to scrape data ethically, respecting LinkedIn's rate limits and avoiding the use of fake accounts or bypassing payment systems. By adhering to these guidelines, you can scrape LinkedIn data without facing legal repercussions.

Automate LinkedIn Data Collection with Bardeen

Web scraping LinkedIn can significantly enhance your data collection efforts, allowing for the efficient extraction of user profiles, job listings, and company information. While manual methods exist, automation through Bardeen can streamline this process, enabling the collection of LinkedIn data directly into platforms like Google Sheets, Notion, and more, without manual intervention.

Here are a few examples of how Bardeen can automate the scraping process:

  1. Copy LinkedIn company data to Google Sheets: Automate the scraping of LinkedIn company pages and directly save the data into Google Sheets. Ideal for market analysis and sales prospecting.
  2. Copy LinkedIn company data to Notion: Extract data from LinkedIn company pages and automatically populate a Notion database, streamlining company research and CRM updates.
  3. Get data from the currently opened LinkedIn post: Efficiently scrape data from a LinkedIn post that's currently open in your browser, perfect for content analysis and social media strategy.

These automation playbooks by Bardeen not only save time but also ensure accurate and organized data collection, enhancing your LinkedIn data analysis and outreach strategies. Start automating your LinkedIn scraping tasks by downloading the Bardeen app at

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