How to scrape data from any website data to Airtable

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💡️ This article uses our old UI. Now, it's even easier to build custom automations. Check out the latest scraper tutorial here.

In this lesson, you will learn how to save data from any website (such as LinkedIn) directly to Airtable in one click. 

There are just three steps to setting up Airtable: 

  1. Installing the Airtable integration 
  2. Defining a scraper model (with ninja precision)
  3. Creating a playbook

Tip: learn more about the fundamentals of data scraping in this article.

Part 1: Install Airtable

When you click on the Airtable card to start the integration process, the following window will appear:

Get API Key

Account > Generate API Key

API Key Example: key7MythMnFeideEr

Part 2: Define a scraper model (with ninja precision) 🥷

Here, we will define the fields that we are interested in scraping from a web page. 

Creating a Scraper Model

We will use the following command for this: 

Do create new scraper model

And then will define the fields to be scraped. 

⚠️ READ THIS: You need to set the field names EXACTLY! as they are in your Airtable column names. (Otherwise, it won’t work!) YES, it is case sensitive.

That’s the ninja precision part. 

Note: if you mess up with naming fields precisely, it’s okay. You can change the column names in Airtable instead of recreating your scraper model. 

Get data using your Scraper model 

Now, let’s get data with your scraper model with the following command:

Get data using scraper model > Last model

You will see a table with data from the web page you’ve just scraped.

Add data to Airtable

Let’s use the data collected with the scraper (table) and add it to Airtable.

Here is the command: 

Do append to airtable table [table name] records from [last table]

Part 3: Create a Playbook

This is the last and the easiest step. Create a playbook the usual way.

That’s it. Now adding all website data from LinkedIn to Airtable will take you seconds.

You can also get information added to Airtable, when a website changes.

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