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How to Reference Another Sheet in Google Sheets: 3 Steps

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February 5, 2024

Learn to reference data across Google Sheets using cell references, formulas, and conditional formatting.

  • Use '=SheetName!CellReference' to display a cell's value from another sheet.
  • Incorporate data from different sheets in formulas with syntax like '=SUM(Sheet2!A1:A10)'.
  • Apply conditional formatting across sheets using INDIRECT function, e.g., '=B2>INDIRECT("Sheet2!B2")'.
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Google Sheets Reference Another Sheet

Referencing data from one Google Sheet to another is a common task that enhances the dynamic use of data across multiple sheets. This guide will explore various methods to achieve this, including referencing specific cells, using formulas, and applying conditional formatting based on data from another sheet.

Google Sheets Reference Cell in Another Sheet

To reference a cell from another sheet within the same Google Sheets document, use the syntax '=SheetName!CellReference'. For example, '=Sheet1!A1' references cell A1 from Sheet1. If the sheet name contains spaces or special characters, enclose it in single quotes, like '='Sheet number two'!B4'. This method allows you to directly display the value of a cell from one sheet in another.

Google Sheets Reference Another Sheet in Formula

Formulas in Google Sheets can incorporate data from different sheets. For instance, to sum values from another sheet, use '=SUM(Sheet2!A1:A10)'. This formula adds up values in cells A1 through A10 from Sheet2. Similarly, other functions like AVERAGE, COUNT, and IF can also reference data from different sheets, enhancing the flexibility of data manipulation across your Google Sheets document.

Google Sheets Conditional Formatting Reference Another Sheet

Applying conditional formatting based on values from another sheet requires a workaround since Google Sheets does not directly support this feature. Use a custom formula with the INDIRECT function to reference another sheet within conditional formatting rules. For example, to format cells in Sheet1 based on values in Sheet2, use a formula like '=B2>INDIRECT("Sheet2!B2")' in the conditional formatting custom formula field. This method allows you to visually highlight data in one sheet based on conditions met in another sheet, although it requires careful setup to ensure correct references.

Each of these methods enables users to efficiently manage and analyze data across multiple sheets within a single Google Sheets document, facilitating a more connected and dynamic data environment.

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Referencing data from one Google Sheet to another is a crucial function that enhances the dynamic use of data across multiple sheets. While manual linking offers basic connectivity, automating Google Sheets with Bardeen introduces a higher level of efficiency and functionality. By automating tasks, users can save time, reduce errors, and streamline workflows, especially when dealing with large datasets or complex operations.

  1. Enrich contact information in a Google Sheet and create or update Salesforce contacts: This playbook automates the process of enriching contact data within Google Sheets and syncing it with Salesforce. Ideal for sales and marketing professionals looking to maintain up-to-date contact records.
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