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Customize Notion Background Color: Easy Steps

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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April 15, 2024

Learn how to change the background color in Notion for blocks, text, and databases to enhance the visual appeal and organization of your pages.

  • Open the Notion page and hover over the block to see a six-dots icon.
  • Click on the six-dots icon, select "Color", and choose your desired background color.
  • For quick changes, type "/color" within the block or the color name after a "/".
  • To change the color of tables, databases, or text, use the specific customization options provided by Notion.

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How to Change Notion Background Color

Changing the background color in Notion enhances the visual appeal of your pages and helps in organizing content more effectively. While Notion's customization options for background colors are somewhat limited, there are several methods to change the background color of blocks, text, and databases. This guide will walk you through the steps to customize your Notion workspace's appearance.

How to Change Background Color on Notion

To change the background color of a Notion block, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Notion page where you want to change the background color.
  2. Hover over the block you wish to customize to see a six-dots icon next to the block.
  3. Click on the six-dots icon to open a menu with various options.
  4. Select the "Color" option from the menu. This will display all the color options Notion offers at the block level.
  5. Choose your desired background color for the block.
  6. Click anywhere on the page to apply the changes and observe the new background color of the block.

For a quicker method, you can type "/color" within the block and select the color combination displayed by Notion. Alternatively, typing the color name after a "/" (e.g., "/Yellow") will give you options to set the color of the text and a color combination of text and background.

How to Change Notion Page Background Color

Notion does not currently allow users to change the background color of an entire page to any color other than black, which can be done by switching from light to dark mode. However, you can change the background color of individual blocks within a page to customize its appearance. For more extensive customization, including changing the page background color, you might need to use third-party tools like Super to publish your Notion pages.

Customizing Individual Elements

Beyond changing the background color of blocks, Notion allows for the customization of other elements:

  • Tables: While you cannot change the color of an entire table at once, you can change the background color of individual rows or columns by clicking on the six-dot icon next to any row or column and selecting a color.
  • Database: To add a background color to a Notion database, first, move your database into a toggle block. Then, change the background color of the toggle block, which will also change the background color of the database within it.
  • Text Color: Highlight the text and click on the "A" icon that appears. Then, select the color of your choice for the text or the background color of the text.

Remember, while Notion's default background color is white (Hex Code: FFFFFF), using these methods allows for a degree of customization to make your pages more visually appealing and organized.

Automate Your Notion Workflows with Bardeen

While the article describes manual methods to change the background color in Notion, automation can significantly streamline and enhance your Notion workspace management. With Bardeen, you can automate various tasks within Notion, saving time and boosting productivity. For example, automatically updating your Notion pages with content from external sources like ThemeForest or Google News ensures your workspace remains dynamic and enriched with the latest information.

Consider automating these tasks using Bardeen:

  1. Save the currently opened ThemeForest search results to Notion: Perfect for web designers and developers, this automation saves ThemeForest search results directly into your Notion database, keeping your design resources organized.
  2. Save data from the Google News page to Notion: Stay updated with the latest industry news by automating the transfer of Google News results into your Notion workspace.

By leveraging these automations, you can ensure your Notion workspace remains a centralized hub of up-to-date and relevant information. Get started by downloading the Bardeen app at

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