Generate leads with data extraction

When you get the targeting right, marketing gets so much easier. There are many great sources to get leads from, like LinkedIn profile search and niche websites. Our data scraper makes it easy to extract data from almost any website without an army of virtual assistants.

Scrape Linkedin persons to Google Sheet
Image of a personilized email workflow

Streamline your outreach

Outreach requires multiple touchpoints and personalization to be effective. Bardeen allows you to combine data extraction, email discovery, enrichment, and email outreach in one workflow. You can do hyper-personalized outreach with your team in the loop or in bulk.

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Optimize your daily Workflows

As a marketer, you probably have many balls in the air simultaneously. You need to manage your team, keep an eye on the numbers, and do deep work. With Bardeen, you can optimize your day-to-day activities to focus on what matters most.

Extracted Linkedin data in Clickup and Google Sheets

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