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Revolutionizing Contact Integration: How Nora's Sales Team Increased Efficiency by 96% with Bardeen

"Switching to Bardeen transformed our workflow. What used to take days now takes minutes, allowing us to focus on high-impact activities. The boost in efficiency and time savings has made a significant impact on our team, allowing us to focus on closing deals.”
Pierangelo Raiola
Cofounder & CEO
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The Nora sales team needed to integrate a large number of contacts quickly and efficiently to focus on more critical sales activities. The integration process involved linking LinkedIn information with Google Sheets and correlating it with Apollo for personal information (email, mobile number).

The Challenge

The process was labor-intensive, requiring extensive time to manually integrate each contact. Using a standard tool, each contact took 2 minutes to integrate, significantly impacting productivity and limiting the team's ability to focus on higher-value tasks.

Transforming Contact Integration with Bardeen

Nora discovered Bardeen as a solution to streamline their contact integration process. Bardeen’s automation capabilities allowed the team to reduce the time spent on each contact from 2 minutes to just 5 seconds, greatly enhancing efficiency.  “In just a few clicks, we were able to automate the tedious parts of our contact integration process,” the team reported. Bardeen allowed them to quickly integrate LinkedIn information with Google Sheets and Apollo, converting hours of manual work into minutes.

“Bardeen has significantly improved our efficiency,” the team explained. Tasks that used to take over 33 hours now only take a little over an hour. By automating the data integration process, the team saved approximately 319.44 hours, allowing them to focus on more strategic sales activities.


  • Nora's sales team now has a highly efficient contact integration process, significantly reducing the time required for integrating contacts by 319.44 hours for the entire team.
  • Bardeen provided immediate improvements in efficiency, allowing Nora to save a substantial amount of time per contact integration, reducing the time from 2 minutes to just 5 seconds.
  • Nora benefits from the automation and accuracy provided by Bardeen, particularly in helping the team quickly integrate LinkedIn information with Google Sheets and Apollo.
  • With Bardeen’s automation tools, the sales team can work together seamlessly in a consistent environment with minimal manual effort.
  • Bardeen has helped the team gain trust in their contact integration process by accurately and efficiently handling large volumes of data.
  • By automating contact integration, Bardeen has saved the team significant time each week, allowing them to reallocate time to more strategic sales activities and improving overall productivity.

Switching to Bardeen for contact integration significantly improves efficiency, allowing the sales team to reallocate their time to higher-value tasks, ultimately leading to substantial time and cost savings.

About the author:
Lucy Keoni
Customer Success
About the company:
Nora Health AI
Software Development
Company Size:
11-50 employees

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