How to 5x SPIN sales in 2024 using workflow and task automation (with AI)

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May 22, 2024
Automating Boring Work
Automating Boring Work

2024 brings sales teams more quotas and competition in a fierce, ever evolving landscape. Last year, 72% of sales professionals reported they didn’t expect to hit their annual quotas. To keep up with demand, it’s vital to adapt by refining skills (and your tech stack).

SPIN selling is still relevant for this pursuit. A timeless approach developed by Neil Rackham, its tactics continue to see success through today. Wondering how automation technology can improve your bottom line? Here’s what your SPIN methodology can look like in 2024.

SPIN selling steps

SPIN selling centers around four key areas of focus. Each designed to effectively guide customers through the sales funnel. These stages guide sales professionals through a structured approach that can secure trust and strong connections with customers.

Now, let’s look at how you can automate each.

SPIN selling framework steps: opening, investigating, demonstrating capability, obtaining commitment.


In the opening stage of SPIN, sales professionals establish rapport with prospects. It’s the general information deep dive. Focus your attention on gathering crucial information about your customer’s real-time situation. You can ask:

  • What does a regular day in your role look like?
  • What is the budget for [relevant process]?

As you well know, ample time is needed to prepare good questions. So why not automate part of the research process? A popular Bardeen automation (or playbook) is used by salespeople to update Google Calendar events with must-know info.


During the investigation step, sellers delve deep into the prospect's situation. Uncover challenges and pain points through probing questions. The goal is to identify challenges she/he is having in their role. For example:

  • What is their biggest recurring bottleneck?
  • What operational issues might be impacting goals?

And what if you can use AI to answer some of these questions in advance (within minutes)? You’d spend more call time selling, right? So go ahead and use this automation to get answers using their website.


When it’s time to demonstrate capability, sales reps aim to showcase their product or service. And how it directly tackles the prospect's identified needs.

At this point, you want to reiterate why it’s vital to solve their challenges. Highlight any potential consequences or negative effects. This inspires prospects to take action… with your product or service. Ask:

  • How does [identified issue] affect the team’s productivity?
  • What consequences are you looking at if [problem] is not addressed right away?


Now it’s time to win: paint a picture of potential solutions. In obtaining commitment, guide the prospect towards a decision. Present compelling solutions and address any remaining concerns. 

Demonstrate how the challenge can be resolved. Use your service or product as the answer to questions such as:

  • How would resolving this challenge positively impact your team’s workflow or performance?
  • What opportunities could arise if the problem was effectively addressed?

SPIN sales in 2024

SPIN sales have helped teams thrive for decades. They’re timeless due to the human centric component. Now, what if you add sales workflow automation on top?

Teams can free up precious bandwidth to actually sell more. Just think about how technologies like generative AI have already changed sellers' workflows.

Mundane repetitive work can become virtually nonexistent. Imagine a world where sellers spend almost all day – selling. They’d get a comprehensive understanding of customers’ challenges. So how can you integrate your favorite apps to maximize SPIN sales?

Discover leads

Do you spend a ton of time prospecting on LinkedIn? You can efficiently gather data from any LI profile page using the below automation.

You can also identify and capture prospect information from Facebook groups. There’s a handy playbook to extract all people from a group members page. How much time can it save you?

Manage meetings

Tedious meetings and note-taking are now easier than ever. Use this playbook to generate meeting summaries and action items from meeting notes. You can even send related Slack messages!

Predicting the future

Predictive analytics (a product of AI) can anticipate future trends and customer needs, encouraging very proactive sales moves. Exciting, right?

SPIN in your niche

Sales teams in several booming industries can benefit from automating the SPIN selling methodology. Some of them are:

SPIN selling method by niche and industry

Information technology

Efficiently track down clients' technological pain points. Empower customers to take care of their evolving digital needs with your products or solutions. This fosters innovation and drives IT adoption. 

Financial services

Sellers can uncover financial objectives and regulatory challenges for clients. This allows sellers to optimize investment strategies and enhance risk management practices. You can use automations to quickly get insight into their pricing strategy. For example:

Healthcare and pharmaceuticals

Discover healthcare providers’ patient care challenges and regulatory requirements. Helping sellers set up smarter medical solutions that improve patient outcomes and compliance.


Learn clients’ and service provider connectivity needs or technological aspirations. This helps quickly create tailored solutions that boost network reliability or user satisfaction.

You can do research in minutes using AI, as long as you tell it exactly what you need. With Bardeen, sellers save tens of minutes on tasks that involve:

Manufacturing and industrial

Quickly identify production bottlenecks and supply chain inefficiencies to streamline client operations and improve productivity.

SPIN 5x faster

What’s one thing these have in common? All can truly benefit from sellers gathering the right information about their needs and pain points.

Guess what? There’s a solution for that. Try using web scraper tools to harvest data from almost any website. And fast.

Once you’ve collected it, you’re going to want to do something with all that data. Try integrating Clickup into your workflow. Use it to manage action items for SPIN tactics (and beyond) in a vibrant and intuitive UI.

Automate even more with Bardeen by downloading our Chrome extension. Here, you can find all the playbooks and app integrations in one place. Our product is free forever and you’ll even get a 14-day trial of premium features.

SPIN selling vs myths

It all started with observational research and analysis of prospect behaviors from 35,000 calls. Then, SPIN creator Neil Rackham and team proved its positive impact on conversions. This squashes one of the most ancient selling myths – aggressive sales tactics are the only path to conversions. 

Tactics that focus on one-way conversations where the seller is mostly involved and talks about a myriad of product features. All while failing to realize what challenges the customer might be facing in their role.


The world of selling is saturated, and professionals need to set themselves apart from the competition in a more meaningful way. By pairing and automation apps with Open AI, SPIN selling can still rock the customer’s world in 2024 and beyond. Faster than before!

Try AI automation with Bardeen, just download the Chrome extension. Our product is free forever and you’ll even get a 14-day trial of premium features.

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