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Import Stock Prices to Google Sheets: A Step-by-Step Guide

Jason Gong
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April 15, 2024

Google Sheets users can import stock prices using the GOOGLEFINANCE function for a wide range of financial data or opt for third-party solutions like Market Data's STOCKDATA formula for real-time information. The GOOGLEFINANCE function is straightforward, requiring only the stock's ticker symbol, while Market Data provides real-time prices with an active subscription.

This guide offers a practical approach to tracking stock prices for investment analysis or portfolio management.

Enhance your financial analysis by automating data import into Google Sheets with Bardeen, saving time and improving accuracy.

How to Import Stock Prices into Google Sheets

Google Sheets offers a powerful and flexible way to keep track of stock prices in real time or historically. This capability is primarily enabled through the GOOGLEFINANCE function, which allows users to easily import stock market data. However, for those seeking real-time data beyond the 15-minute delay offered by GOOGLEFINANCE, third-party solutions like Market Data's STOCKDATA formula can be utilized. This guide will cover how to use both methods to import stock prices into Google Sheets.

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The GOOGLEFINANCE function is a built-in feature of Google Sheets that provides a wide range of financial data, including stock prices, currency exchange rates, and market indices. Here's how to use it:

  1. Open a new Google Sheet or select an existing one.
  2. In a cell, type '=GOOGLEFINANCE("TICKER_SYMBOL")', replacing "TICKER_SYMBOL" with the actual stock symbol. For example, '=GOOGLEFINANCE("AAPL")' for Apple Inc.

      3. Press Enter, and the cell will display the current stock price for the ticker symbol provided. The data includes a slight delay, typically up to 20 minutes.

      4. To access specific data points like high, low, volume, or historical prices, you can expand the formula. For example, '=GOOGLEFINANCE("AAPL", "price", DATE(2022,1,1), DATE(2022,12,31), "DAILY")' retrieves daily prices for Apple stock throughout 2022.

Attributes and parameters such as "price", "volume", "high", "low", and date ranges can be adjusted to fetch different types of data.

Importing Real-Time Stock Prices

For those who need real-time stock prices without the delay inherent to GOOGLEFINANCE, third-party add-ons like Market Data offer a solution. Market Data's Google Sheets Add-On allows users to use the STOCKDATA formula to get real-time prices. Here's a basic guide:

  1. Install the Market Data Google Sheets Add-On from the Google Workspace Marketplace.
  2. In your Google Sheet, use the STOCKDATA formula like '=STOCKDATA("TICKER_SYMBOL")' for a real-time midpoint stock quote.
  3. For more detailed data, use '=STOCKDATA("TICKER_SYMBOL","all")' to get a full Level 1 stock quote, including bid/ask prices, volume, and more.
  4. To organize multiple quotes in a single table without header rows for each, use the "noheaders" option, e.g., '=STOCKDATA("TICKER_SYMBOL","all,noheaders")'.

This method requires an active subscription to Market Data, but it offers a powerful way to access real-time financial information directly within Google Sheets.


Whether you're tracking stock prices for personal investment, conducting financial analysis, or managing a portfolio, Google Sheets provides versatile tools to access and analyze market data. The GOOGLEFINANCE function offers an easy way to import a wide range of financial data, while third-party add-ons like Market Data's STOCKDATA formula fill the gap for real-time stock price needs.

Explore more Google Sheet Automations and Addons for Google Sheets to enhance your productivity.

Automate Google Sheets with Bardeen for Smarter Finance

While manually importing stock prices into Google Sheets can be straightforward with functions like GOOGLEFINANCE, automating this process can save time, reduce errors, and allow for more complex data analysis. Bardeen offers a range of playbooks that can import not just stock prices but also related financial data directly into Google Sheets, making your financial analysis more efficient and comprehensive.

Here are examples of automations that can be built with Bardeen:

  1. Copy all Github issues to Google Sheets: This playbook automates the process of transferring issues from GitHub repositories into a Google Sheet, streamlining project management and bug tracking for development teams.
  2. Copy Google News for a keyword and save results to Google Sheets: Automatically extract Google News stories based on specific keywords into Google Sheets. Ideal for PR professionals and marketers tracking brand mentions or relevant industry news.
  3. Export Google Trends Data and Save to Google Sheets: This playbook scrapes Google Trends data for specified keywords and saves it directly to Google Sheets, offering valuable insights for SEO specialists and marketing analysts.

By utilizing these playbooks from Bardeen, users can significantly enhance their data management and analysis workflows within Google Sheets. Download the Bardeen app to start automating your financial analysis today at

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