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Efficiently Clear Salesforce Debug Logs: A Step-by-Step Guide

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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May 6, 2024

To clear debug logs in Salesforce, use the Developer Console, Salesforce DX, Data Loader, Workbench, REST API, or Chrome Extensions. The Developer Console allows for page-wise deletion, while Salesforce DX offers a more scalable bulk deletion method.

Choosing the right method depends on the volume of logs and user preference for interface or command-line operations.

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Delete Debug Logs Salesforce

Clearing debug logs in Salesforce is a necessary task for maintaining the performance and storage limits of your Salesforce org. Various methods can be employed to delete debug logs, including using the Developer Console, Salesforce DX (SFDX), Data Loader, Workbench, REST API, and Chrome Extensions.

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How to Delete Debug Logs in Salesforce

One native solution to delete debug logs involves using the Developer Console:

  1. Run the query 'SELECT ID FROM APEXLOG' in the Developer Console's Query Editor.
  2. Ensure the 'Use Tooling API' checkbox is selected.
  3. Delete the returned log records.

This method deletes logs page-wise, which might not be efficient for a large number of logs.

Salesforce Delete Debug Logs Developer Console

For a more comprehensive cleanup, Salesforce DX can be used:

  1. Execute the SOQL query 'SELECT Id FROM ApexLog' using the command 'sfdx force:data:soql:query -t -q' and export the results to a CSV file.
  2. Use 'sfdx force:data:bulk:delete' with the generated CSV file to bulk delete the logs.

An alternative command line method involves using the 'sf' CLI:

  1. Generate a CSV file with the IDs of the logs to be deleted.
  2. Use 'sf data delete bulk' with the CSV file to delete the logs.

These methods provide a scalable way to clear logs directly from the terminal.

Delete All Debug Logs Salesforce Chrome Extension

Chrome Extensions like 'Apex Debugger' and 'Salesforce Coding Utility' offer user-friendly interfaces for managing and deleting debug logs directly from the browser. These tools can significantly simplify the process, especially for users who prefer graphical interfaces over command-line operations.

Another extension, 'salesforce-tool', adds a "Delete Entire Logs" button in the Salesforce UI, enabling users to delete all logs with a single click. However, user reviews suggest varying levels of success with these extensions, particularly concerning compatibility with the latest Salesforce updates.

In conclusion, while native Salesforce tools and Developer Console provide basic log management capabilities, using Salesforce DX or Chrome Extensions can offer more efficient and user-friendly solutions for managing and deleting debug logs.

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Automate Your Salesforce Tasks with Bardeen

While clearing debug logs in Salesforce manually is effective, automating this process can save time and ensure your Salesforce org remains optimized without manual oversight. Automation with Bardeen not only streamlines the deletion of debug logs but can also enhance your Salesforce data management and workflow efficiency:

  1. Log Received Text Messages as Salesforce Notes: Automates the process of logging received text messages as notes in Salesforce, ensuring all communication is recorded and easily accessible for sales and customer support teams.
  2. Sync Outlook Email Responses into Salesforce Records: Streamlines communication tracking by copying email responses from Microsoft Outlook into Salesforce records as notes, perfect for sales and support management.
  3. Copy all Salesforce accounts to Google Sheets: Facilitates the transfer of Salesforce account information to Google Sheets, enhancing the ability to analyze and share customer data within your organization.

Adopting these automations can significantly improve your Salesforce data management, freeing up time to focus on more strategic tasks. Explore these solutions by downloading the Bardeen app today.

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