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Easy Steps to Embed Content in Notion (2024 Guide)

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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April 15, 2024

Embedding content in Notion is straightforward and enhances your workspace by allowing you to incorporate a wide range of online content directly into your pages.

  1. Click the '+' and choose 'Embed' or select a common embed type and press 'enter'.
  2. Paste the URL or embed link of the content you wish to embed.
  3. Use '/embed' for personal uploads like images or videos. Select 'Upload' and choose the file.

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How do I embed in Notion?

Embedding content in Notion allows you to incorporate a wide range of online content directly into your pages, from videos and audio players to interactive maps and documents. This feature enriches your Notion workspace by keeping all relevant context in one place, making it easier to access and interact with external content without leaving Notion.

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Inserting an Embed

To insert an embed:

  1. Click the '+' that appears to the left when you hover over a new line and choose 'Embed' or select a common embed type from the list. Press 'enter'.
  2. In the menu that appears, paste the URL or embed link of the content you wish to embed.
  3. Alternatively, use '/embed' to upload and display your own image, audio, video, or file. Select 'Upload' and choose the file from your computer.

Note: Some websites may restrict their content from being embedded. If you encounter a 'Failed to Load' error, this is likely the reason.

Supported Embeds and File Types

Notion supports embedding content from over 1,900 domains via the Iframely service. This includes popular services like YouTube, Google Drive, Trello, and more. You can embed a variety of file types, including HTML files, PDFs, audio, video, and images. For specific embeds like Tweets or Google Maps, you can use the '/' command (e.g., '/tweet' or '/maps') to add them directly to your page.

Embed Actions and Options

After embedding content, you have several options to customize its appearance:

  • To resize an embed, hover your mouse over it and drag the black bars that appear on the sides.
  • Use drag-and-drop to rearrange embeds on your page, utilizing the '⋮⋮' icon as a handle.
  • To link back to the original source of the embed, hover over the embed and click 'Original' or select 'View Original' from the '⋮⋮' or '•••' menu.
  • If you need to update embedded content, hover over the embed, click '⋮⋮' or '•••', and choose 'Replace'. Then, either paste a new URL or upload a new file.

Connecting Other Apps

Notion allows integration with various apps to enhance your workspace's functionality. This includes:

  • Zoom for meeting link previews and managing meetings directly from Notion.
  • Google Drive to search and embed content without leaving Notion.
  • Google Calendar for embedding a view-only calendar.
  • Slack for seamless communication integration.

To manage connected apps, navigate to 'Settings & members' > 'My connections'. Here, you can connect new apps, manage existing connections, or disconnect apps as needed.

For workspace-level app management, workspace owners can restrict permissions directly with each platform's settings, ensuring control over which apps are integrated and how they are used within Notion.

Discover 12 popular elements you can embed into Notion to enhance your workspace. Explore our post on Notion embed options.

Automate Your Notion Workspace with Bardeen

Embedding content in Notion enriches your workspace by incorporating a wide range of online content directly into your pages. While this can be done manually following the steps provided, automating your Notion workspace can further enhance productivity and organization.

With Bardeen, automating your Notion workspace becomes seamless, allowing for the integration of content and data from various platforms directly into Notion. Here are a few examples of automations you can easily set up:

  1. Copy all Jira issues to Notion: Sync your project management by automatically copying all Jira issues into a Notion database, keeping your team aligned and informed.
  2. Get answers for a YouTube video and save to Notion: Enhance research and content curation by extracting insights from YouTube videos and saving them directly to a Notion database for easy access and reference.

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