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Import Web Data to Google Sheets: A Step-by-Step Guide

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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Google Sheets
March 7, 2024

Importing data from websites into Google Sheets can be done using built-in functions like IMPORTDATA, IMPORTHTML, IMPORTXML, and IMPORTFEED, Google Sheets add-ons, or third-party ETL tools. These methods cater to different data types and sources, enhancing data analysis and reporting capabilities.

Choosing the right import method can significantly streamline your workflows.

Automate the data import process and keep your Google Sheets always up-to-date with Bardeen's automation playbooks.

How to Import Data from Website to Google Sheets

Importing data from a website into Google Sheets can streamline your workflow by automating the data collection process. This guide covers various methods to import web data into Google Sheets, including built-in functions, Google Sheets add-ons, and third-party tools.

Automate your data import with Bardeen to save time and ensure your data is always up-to-date. Download now.

Using Built-in IMPORT Functions

Google Sheets offers several built-in functions to import data from websites directly into your spreadsheet. These functions include IMPORTDATA, IMPORTHTML, IMPORTXML, and IMPORTFEED, each suited for different types of web data.

  • IMPORTDATA: Use this function to import data from online CSV or TSV files. The syntax is simple:
  • IMPORTHTML: This function is ideal for importing tables and lists from web pages. The syntax requires the URL, the type of data (table or list), and the index of the data on the webpage:
    '=IMPORTHTML("URL", "query_type", index)'
  • IMPORTXML: For importing data from XML and HTML pages using XPath queries. You need to know the specific data structure to use this effectively:
    '=IMPORTXML("URL", "xpath_query")'
  • IMPORTFEED: Use this function to import RSS or ATOM feeds into your spreadsheet:
    '=IMPORTFEED("URL", "query", startRow, numItems)'

Google Sheets Add-Ons for Importing Data

Add-ons extend the functionality of Google Sheets by providing more options for importing data from various sources. These tools are particularly useful for accessing data that requires authentication or is not easily accessible through the built-in functions.

Learn about the best add-ons for Google Sheets to enhance your data import capabilities.

  • Coefficient: A user-friendly add-on for fetching data from websites and business systems like Salesforce, Hubspot, and Google Analytics without coding.
  • Simplifies importing data into Google Sheets and allows scheduling automatic imports to keep your spreadsheet up-to-date.
  • Awesome Table: Beyond importing data, this add-on lets you customize and transform the data for enhanced analysis.

Third-Party Tools and ETL Solutions

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools and third-party solutions like can automate dataflows between multiple sources and Google Sheets. These tools offer advanced features for data import, such as scheduled imports, data transformation, and integration with a wide range of apps and services.

Discover how to further automate your workflow with Google Sheet automations.

Manual Data Import and Google Apps Script

For manual data imports, Google Sheets supports various file formats including CSV, TSV, and XLSX. You can upload files directly or import them from URLs. Additionally, Google Apps Script allows for the creation of custom functions and macros to automate data import processes tailored to your specific needs.


Whether you're using built-in functions, add-ons, or third-party tools, importing data from websites into Google Sheets can significantly enhance your data analysis and reporting capabilities. Choose the method that best suits your data type and source to streamline your workflows and make the most out of Google Sheets.

Explore a collection of Google Sheets automations by Bardeen to elevate your data import process.

Automate Google Sheets with Bardeen for Effortless Data Import

Importing data from websites to Google Sheets can be manually done using various methods, but automating this process can save you an immense amount of time and effort. Automating data import with Bardeen not only streamlines the workflow but also ensures that your data is always up-to-date without regular manual intervention. Here are examples of what you can achieve with Bardeen's automation playbooks:

  1. Get keywords and a summary from any website save it to Google Sheets: Automatically extract key insights and summaries from websites and store them in Google Sheets. Ideal for content research and SEO analysis.
  2. Find all emails from a list of websites in Google Sheets: Streamline your outreach efforts by finding and compiling email addresses from a list of websites directly into Google Sheets.
  3. Extract information from websites in Google Sheets using BardeenAI: Use BardeenAI to scan and extract any specified information from websites into a Google Sheet, perfect for competitive analysis or lead generation.

Embrace the power of automation to enhance your data collection and analysis practices. Get started with Bardeen by downloading the app at

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