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Web Scraping Rotten Tomatoes: A Step-by-Step Guide

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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April 15, 2024

Web scraping Rotten Tomatoes involves using tools like Python and BeautifulSoup to extract movie ratings, reviews, and other data for analysis. Understanding the types of data available and how to structure it for use in Excel or databases is crucial.

The process requires compliance with legal standards and the website's terms of use.

Streamline your data collection by learning how to automate the web scraping process with Bardeen, enhancing efficiency and accuracy without coding.

How to Web Scrape Rotten Tomatoes

Web scraping Rotten Tomatoes involves extracting data from the website for various purposes such as analyzing movie ratings, reviews, and other related information. This guide will walk you through the steps and methods to efficiently scrape data from Rotten Tomatoes.

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Understanding Rotten Tomatoes Data

Before starting the web scraping process, it's crucial to understand the types of data available on Rotten Tomatoes. The website offers a wealth of information including movie titles, release dates, genres, Tomatometer scores, audience scores, critic reviews, and user ratings. Knowing the specific data you need will help streamline the scraping process.

Extract Rotten Tomatoes Data

To extract data from Rotten Tomatoes, you can use various tools and programming languages. Python, with libraries such as BeautifulSoup and Scrapy, is a popular choice due to its powerful and flexible web scraping capabilities. Begin by identifying the URL of the page containing the data you wish to scrape. Use requests to fetch the page content, and BeautifulSoup to parse and extract the desired information.

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Rotten Tomatoes Data Excel

For users looking to analyze Rotten Tomatoes data in Excel, the extracted data needs to be structured into a CSV or Excel format. After scraping the data using Python, utilize the pandas library to organize the data into a DataFrame. From there, you can easily export the DataFrame to a CSV file using the '.to_csv()' method, which can then be opened with Excel for further analysis.

Extract Movie Review Rotten Tomatoes

Extracting movie reviews from Rotten Tomatoes involves targeting specific elements containing review text on the movie's page. After fetching the page content, use BeautifulSoup to locate the review sections. This can be done by identifying the HTML tags and classes encapsulating the reviews. Loop through these elements to extract and store each review text. Remember to respect the website’s robots.txt file and terms of service to avoid any legal issues or access restrictions.

It's important to note that web scraping can be legally sensitive and should only be performed in compliance with Rotten Tomatoes' terms of use and copyright laws. Always check the website's robots.txt file and obtain necessary permissions if required.

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Automate Rotten Tomatoes Data Extraction with Bardeen

While web scraping Rotten Tomatoes can be approached manually or through custom scripts, automating the process significantly enhances efficiency and accuracy. Bardeen, with its powerful Scraper integration, enables you to automate the extraction of movie ratings, reviews, and more, directly into your preferred format or database without any coding required. Here's how you can leverage Bardeen's automation capabilities for web scraping Rotten Tomatoes:

  1. Get data from the currently opened title page: While focused on IMDB, this playbook demonstrates Bardeen's capability to scrape detailed movie information, which can be adapted to similar tasks on Rotten Tomatoes for research or data analysis purposes.
  2. Get data from the Google News page: Utilize this playbook to gather news and reviews from Google News about movies listed on Rotten Tomatoes, providing a comprehensive view of the movie's public reception and media coverage.
  3. Get data from a Tweet and its thread: For social media analysis, this playbook can scrape Twitter for public opinions and discussions on movies, complementing your data from Rotten Tomatoes with real-time audience reactions.

To streamline your web scraping and data collection processes, start by downloading the Bardeen app at

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