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Pipedrive Import/Export Guide: Steps Simplified

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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April 15, 2024

Importing and exporting in Pipedrive involves straightforward steps for managing leads, deals, organizations, and more, supporting XLS, XLSX, and CSV formats. Prepare your spreadsheet correctly, map fields during import, and choose your export options wisely for effective data management.

Understanding these processes can significantly enhance your CRM efficiency.

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How to Import Data into Pipedrive

Importing data into Pipedrive is a straightforward process, allowing users to add various data types such as leads, deals, organizations, people, products, notes, and activities. This process is accessible to users with the appropriate permissions and supports files in XLS, XLSX, and CSV formats.

Preparing Your Spreadsheet for Import

Before importing, it's crucial to format your spreadsheet correctly. Ensure it contains no formulas, only one tab of data, no special symbols for numeric or monetary fields, and adheres to the 50MB file size and 50,000 rows limit. Additionally, familiarize yourself with how your data will integrate into Pipedrive's structure.

Mandatory Fields and Custom Fields

Each data type requires specific mandatory fields to be present in your spreadsheet. For example, importing leads requires a lead title and either a person or organization name. If your spreadsheet includes data not covered by default fields, you may need to create custom fields in Pipedrive before importing. This ensures all data is correctly mapped and utilized within Pipedrive.

Importing Steps

  1. Upload your file by navigating to “...” (More) > Import data > From a spreadsheet and selecting your file.
  2. Map each spreadsheet column to the corresponding Pipedrive field. Utilize the auto-recognition feature for ease, and manually map any unrecognized fields.
  3. Preview your data and decide on handling duplicates. Pipedrive can consolidate duplicate records into one entry.
  4. Finalize the import by reviewing your data and starting the import process.
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After Import and Reverting Imports

Once the import is complete, a confirmation page will summarize the imported data. Any errors or omissions will result in a skip file, which can be downloaded, corrected, and re-imported. If necessary, imports can be reverted within 48 hours by global admin users through the import history section.

Pipedrive Excel Import

For importing data from Excel, ensure your file is in .xls or .xlsx format and follows the general guidelines for spreadsheet preparation. The process for importing from Excel is identical to the steps outlined above, emphasizing the importance of correct file format and data organization.

Export Data from Pipedrive

Exporting data from Pipedrive can be done in several ways, depending on the specific needs. You can export data from the list view, which allows for custom reports by combining data from different items, or from the settings for individual data types.

Exporting Methods

  • From the detail view for exporting deal-related data.
  • From the list view for custom reports on deals, organizations, or other items.
  • Using the “Export data” option in Tools and apps for exporting all data of a specific type.
  • From Insights for exporting charts or spreadsheet views of reports.
  • From “Users and access” for exporting user-related data.

Exporting Steps

To export, navigate to the relevant section (detail view, list view, or settings), select the data or filters you wish to export, choose the format (CSV or Excel), and download the file. Note that activities and notes linked to deals and contacts must be exported separately.

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How to Export Data from Pipedrive to Excel

When exporting data to Excel, select the Excel file format during the export process. This option is available whether exporting from the list view, settings, or Insights. Ensure to choose Excel (.xlsx) when prompted for the file format to ensure compatibility with your desired spreadsheet application.

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While Pipedrive simplifies importing and exporting data manually, automating these processes can significantly enhance efficiency and accuracy. Automating data migration or synchronization between CRM platforms, such as from Pipedrive to HubSpot, or integrating sales data from external sources like Crunchbase directly into Pipedrive, are powerful examples of how automation can transform your sales process.

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  1. Migrate Pipedrive Companies to HubSpot as Leads: Seamlessly transfer company data from Pipedrive to HubSpot, ensuring your leads are up-to-date across both CRM platforms.
  2. Save Crunchbase company to Pipedrive: Automatically add companies from Crunchbase to Pipedrive, enriching your CRM with valuable prospect information.
  3. Sync all HubSpot Contacts to Pipedrive: Ensure a smooth transition of contact data from HubSpot to Pipedrive, maintaining access to vital sales contacts across your organization.

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