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Export HubSpot Activities: Methods & Workarounds (2024)

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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April 15, 2024

Exporting activities from HubSpot, such as emails, calls, and meetings, requires leveraging custom reports, third-party tools, or the HubSpot API due to direct export limitations. Various methods exist to overcome these challenges, enabling deeper data analysis and integration.

Understanding these workarounds can significantly enhance your data management and analysis capabilities.

Streamline your HubSpot data management by automating the export process with Bardeen.

Export Activities from HubSpot

Exporting activities from HubSpot is a critical task for businesses seeking to analyze customer interactions, track engagement, and measure performance outside the HubSpot environment. Despite the platform's comprehensive data handling capabilities, direct options for exporting activities such as emails, calls, notes, and meetings through the user interface are limited. However, various methods and workarounds exist to accomplish this task, leveraging HubSpot's functionalities and external tools.

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Understanding the Challenge

HubSpot does not offer a straightforward option to export activities directly from its user interface. This limitation poses a challenge for users needing to analyze detailed engagement data or integrate it with other systems. Activities like notes, emails, calls, and meetings are pivotal for understanding customer interactions, making their export essential for comprehensive data analysis and reporting.

Workarounds and Solutions

Despite the absence of a direct export feature for activities in HubSpot, several workarounds and solutions enable users to access and export this data.

Custom Reports and Dashboards

Creating custom reports within HubSpot is a potential method to compile and visualize activities data. Users with Professional or Enterprise subscriptions can utilize the custom report builder to aggregate activities data and export these reports. This method, however, may not provide the raw data format needed for all analytical purposes.

Third-Party Integrations and Tools

Several third-party tools and integrations offer capabilities to export activities from HubSpot. Services like Import2 and Ultimate Data Export allow for the extraction of activities data into usable formats such as CSV files. These tools can bridge the gap, providing a more direct route to access and utilize your HubSpot activities data outside the platform.

HubSpot API

For users with development resources, HubSpot's API presents a robust solution for exporting activities data. The Engagements API, in particular, can be used to programmatically retrieve detailed records of interactions. This method requires technical expertise but offers the most flexibility in terms of data access and integration with external systems.

HubSpot Community and Ideas

The HubSpot Community is a valuable resource for finding user-generated solutions and advice on exporting activities. Additionally, users can contribute to the HubSpot Ideas forum, advocating for the platform to introduce a direct export feature for activities. Engaging with the community can provide insights into alternative methods and encourage HubSpot to enhance its export functionalities.

While the manual process of exporting activities from HubSpot can be complex and time-consuming, automating this task with Bardeen can simplify your workflow significantly. Discover how Bardeen's integration with LinkedIn, Salesforce, and Slack can enrich and speed up multi-channel outreach.


While HubSpot does not currently offer a direct method to export activities through its user interface, various workarounds and solutions exist. Whether through custom reports, third-party tools, or the API, users can access and export their activities data for deeper analysis and integration purposes. Engaging with the HubSpot Community and leveraging available resources can further assist in overcoming the challenges associated with exporting activities from HubSpot.

Automate HubSpot Tasks Effortlessly with Bardeen

While the manual process of exporting activities from HubSpot can be complex and time-consuming, automating this task with Bardeen can simplify your workflow significantly. Whether it's syncing LinkedIn activities to HubSpot contacts or summarizing deal activities for easier management, Bardeen's integration with HubSpot automates these processes, saving you valuable time and ensuring data consistency.

Here are some effective automation examples you can implement with Bardeen:

  1. Sync LinkedIn Social Activity to HubSpot Contact: This automation enhances your CRM by updating HubSpot contact properties with LinkedIn social activities, enriching your contact profiles with valuable social engagement data.
  2. Export All HubSpot Products to a Google Sheets Tab: Simplify product data management by automatically transferring all product information from HubSpot to a designated Google Sheets tab, facilitating easier access and sharing across your team.
  3. Summarize HubSpot Deal Activities, Share on Slack Daily: Keep your team updated with the latest sales performance by summarizing daily HubSpot deal activities and sharing them on Slack, all automated for your convenience.

Streamline your HubSpot data management and integration tasks by downloading the Bardeen app today.

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