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Easy Google Sheets Time Zone Conversion Guide in 5 Steps

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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March 18, 2024

Converting time zones in Google Sheets can be done through simple calculations, custom scripts, or formulas, with options ranging from basic adjustments to accounting for daylight saving time changes.

This guide offers multiple methods, ensuring there's a solution for various needs.

Enhance your Google Sheets efficiency by automating time zone conversions with Bardeen, streamlining data management across geographies.

Google Sheets Time Zone Conversion

Converting time zones in Google Sheets is a common task for professionals dealing with data across different geographical locations. There are several methods to achieve this, ranging from simple calculations to using custom scripts or formulas.

Automate your Google Sheets time zone conversions and more with Bardeen. Save time and ensure accuracy with Bardeen's powerful automations.

Google Sheets Convert Time Zone

One straightforward approach is to use a simple calculation involving the NOW() function. This method requires subtracting or adding the time difference (divided by 24) to the current time. For instance, to convert IST to Colombia time, you would use:


Remember to adjust the formula based on whether the target time zone is ahead or behind.

Convert Time Zones in Google Sheets

For more complex conversions that account for daylight saving changes, you can use custom functions or scripts. One method involves using Google Apps Script with the Utilities.formatDate() function. This requires creating a custom function that takes a datetime string, the target time zone, and the desired format as inputs. However, it's important to note that not all timezone abbreviations are supported.

Another approach is to leverage libraries like Moment.js within Google Apps Script for more robust timezone conversion capabilities. This involves importing the Moment.js library into your script project and writing custom functions to convert to and from UTC or between time zones directly.

Google Sheets Timezone Formula

For those looking for a formula-based solution without custom scripts, you can use built-in functions combined with some creativity. For instance, to automatically adjust for daylight saving time when converting between specific time zones, you can use formulas to determine the start and end dates of daylight saving time and adjust the time conversion accordingly.

Additionally, Google Sheets settings allow you to change the locale and time zone for your spreadsheet, affecting how date and time values are displayed. This can be accessed through File > Settings, where you can select your desired locale and time zone.

While Google Sheets does not offer a built-in function specifically for timezone conversion, these methods provide a range of options for converting time zones, from simple adjustments to more complex calculations that consider daylight saving time.

Discover more about automating your workflows in Google Sheets with our detailed guides on Google Sheets addons, Google Sheets automations, and a collection of Google Sheets automations.

Bardeen: Automate Your Google Sheets Time Zone Tasks

While converting time zones in Google Sheets can be managed manually through various formulas and scripts, automating this process can significantly enhance efficiency and accuracy. With Bardeen, you can automate not just time zone conversions, but also a host of related tasks, ensuring your data remains consistent and up-to-date without the need for manual intervention.

Explore some of the powerful automations that Bardeen offers:

  1. Copy a list of meetings during a timeframe to a Google Sheet: This playbook seamlessly transfers your scheduled Google Calendar meetings into a Google Sheet, facilitating easy time zone adjustments and meeting management.
  2. Copy a newly created Asana task to Google Sheets: Automate the transfer of tasks from Asana directly into your Google Sheets. This is perfect for managing project timelines across different time zones.
  3. Get a daily summary of your emails and save to Google Sheets: This playbook compiles a summary of your emails within a specific timeframe into a Google Sheet, allowing for easy tracking and time zone adjustments.

Automating these processes not only saves time but also increases productivity by focusing on tasks that require human insight. Get started by downloading the Bardeen app at

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