Top 5 Zapier alternatives in 2024

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May 22, 2024
Chang Chen
Chang Chen
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Launched in 2012, Zapier has become the prime workflow automation platform for users all over the world. Of course, all of the features of Zapier don’t come for free. Many users have highlighted the high costs associated with the platform.

That is where this article can help. Over the years, other platforms have sprouted up and have become worthy alternatives to Zapier. They’re lighter on your wallet and even offer some extra features. In this article, you’ll find out about five Zapier alternatives that are worth checking out!

Zapier overview

Since you’ve clicked on this article, you might already have some basic knowledge of Zapier. It’s integrated with 5000+ apps and allows you to automate mundane processes to focus on the bigger picture. Once you’ve got a taste of it, it’s hard to go back to doing things the old way!

But according to Zapier users, it still has room for improvement: more Zaps, better technical stability, and better customer support. For the majority of users, it’s too expensive. Shelling out hundreds of dollars for automations every month is simply not feasible for most solopreneurs and small businesses.

This is where our list comes in. If Zapier’s offering doesn’t align with your needs, why settle for less? Whether you need a more economical alternative or are looking for more features, you’ll find something to love in the following list!

1. Bardeen

A workflow automation extension for Chrome, Bardeen has integrations with popular apps like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Notion, and many more. What sets Bardeen apart from other platforms is that it offers AI automations.

One of the best AI features is automatic automation synthesis. With this feature activated, you can go through your everyday workflow and get notified if a task can be automated, instantly freeing up your time!

You can even create an automation by just typing it out!

Or how about a personalized AI email writer?

Bardeen also comes with a vast library of ready-to-use automation templates, utilizing many integrated apps and a web scraper. You can find everything from ‘Copy ClickUp tasks to Google Sheets’ or ‘Create an email draft using OpenAI.’ If you have an idea for an automation, you can use the Bardeen Builder to create it or customize an existing one.

The above-mentioned AI features are currently in development, so feel free to sign up for the waiting list. For now, you can try out some OpenAI automations. All in all, Bardeen is a great alternative to Zapier, offering unlimited automation possibilities, a wide range of integrations, and AI features!


  • AI-powered automations
  • Library of ready-to-use templates (no need to build your own)
  • Unlimited basic usage of the free plan
  • User-friendly interface


  • Only available in Chrome

Now, go ahead and install Bardeen in Chrome for free!​​

2. Make

Whether you’re a seasoned user of Zapier or have just used it a couple of times, you’ll feel right at home with Make. Offering 1,000+ app integrations and close to 6,000 automation templates, it’s more affordable than Zapier while offering most of the same features.

Zapier users have complained about being limited to only 100 tasks per month with the Free plan. In comparison, Make offers 1,000 operations with their Free plan! This gives you more flexibility when testing and implementing automations. Beyond the free plan, paid plans start at $9 per month.

Their workflow builder can easily be used by non-coders. It also grants you some extra capabilities (like HTTP and JSON modules) if you have some programming know-how. Just click on the ‘+ Create a new scenario’ button on the home page and build your own automations!

Overall, Make is a great alternative to Zapier if you’re looking for a more affordable and easy-to-use platform without compromising on automation capabilities.


  • More affordable than Zapier
  • Offers 1,000 operations with the Free plan
  • Includes a visual no-code workflow builder


  • Fewer app integrations compared to Zapier
  • Technical product with steep learning curve


Launched a year before Zapier, IFTTT is one of the original automation platforms. Whereas Zapier has Zaps, IFTTT has Applets. As the name suggests, these work on the conditional statement, “If This Then That.”

From tracking your work hours in Google Calendar to reminding yourself to meditate every day, there is no shortage of applets. Plus, IFTTT also works with IoT companies like Ring and Philips Hue. There’s even an applet to get a notification when the International Space Station passes over your house!

With millions of applets to choose from, you’ll probably find what you’re looking for. But if you have an idea for an applet, you can create it and share it with the community! IFTTT is also available on Android and iOS.

IFTTT offers three plans: Free, Pro, and Pro+. With the free plan, you can add a limited number of applets and run them unlimited times. With the Pro and Pro+ plans, you’re able to add more applets and get access to customer support and developer tools. Check out this page for more info on all plans.

Overall, IFTTT is an easy-to-use automation platform. It’s a great choice for those who want to bring the magic of automation into their homes. It’s much more affordable than Zapier, but provides most of the same functionality!


  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Useful for both work and play
  • Works with smart home devices


  • No customer support with the Free plan
  • Limited logic and functions 


If you need a more large-scale automation platform than Zapier, is worth checking out. They’ve built their automation and integration platform from the ground up keeping in mind various business processes.

They have a constantly growing library of connectors, which includes Airtable, Notion, Slack, and many more. You can create your own automations using their drag-and-drop workflow builder. If you like what you’ve just read, you can start a free trial or get a personalized 1:1 demo.


  • Optimal for enterprise-level automations
  • User-friendly interface
  • Suitable for both coders and non-coders


  • Less user friendly for end users
  • Need to get in touch for pricing details

5. Workato

Similar to, Workato is a great option for company-wide automations, whether that be related to marketing, sales, or finance. Workato is used by many companies like Adobe, Zendesk, and Box.

They have 1,000+ app integrations like Slack, Jira, and Zoom. Just like with, you’ll need to get in touch with Workato to get a custom quote tailored to your needs.


  • 1,000+ app integrations
  • More than 400,000 pre-built recipes


  • Only suitable for company-wide automations

Free native automation tools

One of the main reasons Zapier is so popular is that it works with thousands of apps. But if your automation needs are limited, there are some free native automation tools you can use instead.

If you’re primarily a Windows user and use the Microsoft suite for most of your business processes, Microsoft Power Automate is worth trying out. Coming preinstalled in Windows 11 (you can also download it from the Microsoft Store), you can use the automation templates or build your own ones.

For all the Mac users out there, Apple Shortcuts is a suitable alternative. It’s reliable and can be great for performing simple automations. Check this Support page for more info.

Some project management platforms also offer native automation features. Notion offers many native integrations. You can also check out the Notion Automation Hub by Bardeen. On the other hand, ClickUp is capable of more complex automations and has integrations with apps like GitHub and HubSpot. Read this article to learn more!


There might’ve been a time when Zapier was king of the hill when it came to workflow automation, but no more. With time, many other equally useful alternatives have been released, much to the benefit of users like you!

No matter how great a platform is, it’s always better to have more options. All five platforms discussed above offer the core functionality of Zapier but have their own unique pros and cons. As the next step, sign up for one which fits best with your automation needs.

Since you’re now smarter about all the Zapier alternatives out there, why not increase your knowledge about web scraping tools too?

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